Saturday, March 4, 2017

Built On Chevy G20 Chassis: 1952 Divco Milk Truck

The classic Volkswagen Van is cool because it is slow and terrible, so it only makes sense that a Divco milk truck is even cooler, because these things are glacially slow.  However, this next one is sitting on top of a 70s Chevy Van chassis, so it has some modern convenience and speed, but still maintains the classic looks of a 50s delivery truck.  Find this 1952 Divco Milk Truck offered for $14,400 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

Hey.  Step inside.  You've got to see this.  Just leave your cell phone outside'll only take a minute.  Shhhhhhh.

Hey there friend.  Now that I've got you inside, the drones won't be able to read our thoughts anymore.  See, you can't rely on GPS to get you outta town when the man comes to pour more fluoride in your drinking water, so I put all these maps up on the walls.  <scratching nervously> Hahahahahahahah.  Its perfect, right? This is the road I'm going to take to get outta town....and take a look at these storage boxes, here is spot for you socks, your gas mask, hairnet, cape, coloring books, toenail clippings, beard trimmings...yeah, yeah, yeah -- you can't leave any DNA behind because then they'll make a clone out of it.  CAUSE THE CLONES KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS AND PLANS, SO ONCE THEY HATCH FROM THE PODS, THEY MAKE A BEE-LINE FOR YOUR MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY, cause its a clone, it's YOU, of COURSE I KNOW WHERE I'M GONNA GO, WHY BOTHER WITH BLOODHOUNDS WHEN YOU CAN HATCH A MIND READING FRICKIN CLONE MAN.  Sorry.  I didn't mean to spit in your mouth.  Here, spit that little bit of my spit into this cup, its my spit cup.  Yours is that one. Oh yeah....we need to figure out where we are going to put your helmet and sumo diaper when it's not being used. I didn't think about that before I locked that door.  It can't be opened until the air has been cleared from all the chemtrails.

 See another vehicle that is like the Hotel California?


  1. Do the voices eminate directly from the suitcase speaker or are they carried on the whispers of falling oak leaves, caught in the gusts of El Niño?

  2. Errrr I thought that photo of the inside was when the owner was installing Dynamat to keep it quiet. A closer look at the photo shows the maps.... at this point I slowly back away and click the X

  3. That first photo caught my attention (in a good way). Everything after that just made me wonder what the heck is going on. I assumed that interior shot was while it was masked for painting. But the shot of the driver's compartment is even weirder. Let's draw straws to see who is going to call this guy and get the whole story....

  4. Spit in my mouth.go ahead! Its the perfect Trumpmobile!

  5. So what if it is made from paper paper mache maps? Seems logical.


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