Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Musical Interlude: 1972 Citroën SM

I don't know just what I'm buyin'
But I'm gonna try for a French car, if I can
'Cause it makes me feel like I'm a man
When I drive in somethin' insane
And I tell you things aren't quite the same

When I'm rushing on my run
And I feel just like DeGaul's son
And I guess these shocks won't blow
And I guess these shocks won't blow

Find this 1972 Citroën SM here on eBay bidding for $7,105 reserve-not-met located in Brooklyn with 2 days to go.

I have made big decision
I'm gonna try to pacify my wife
'Cause when the hydraulic fluid begins to flow
When it shoots up the green sphere's neck
When I'm closing in on death

You can't help me now, Honda mechanics
And all you sweet girls with all your sweet talk
You can all go take a walk
And I guess these shocks won't blow
And I guess that these shocks won't blow

I wish that I was born a thousand years ago
I wish that I understood French wiring diagrams
With a great big wire clip
Fixing this wire here to that
On a mechanics suit and cap

Away from the big city
Where a small electron cannot be free
Of all the evils of something left un-ground
And of himself and those around
And I guess these shocks won't blow
And I guess these shocks won't blow

Citroën, be the death of me
Citroën, it's my wife and it's my life
Because a credit card on file
Leads to a my life savings account
And then I'm better off on the couch

Because when l'essence begins to flow
I really don't care anymore
About all the Jacq-Jacqs in this town
And all the pistons making big crazy sounds
And everybody putting French cars down
And the suspension soaks up bumps in the ground

'Cause when the l'essence begins to flow
And I really don't care anymore
Ah, when that Citroen is in my blood
And that blood is in my head
Then thank DeGaul that I love French bread
And thank DeGaul that I'm not aware
And thank DeGaul that I love French bread
And I guess these shocks won't blow

And I guess these shocks won't blow.

My apologies to Lou Reed.


  1. Wow, DT! Just wow. That was brilliant. I didn't know that song, so I used your Lou Reed link and set it up to play in another window while I read along. Now I feel like I need to go to Detox.....

    Maybe I'll talk about the car later.

  2. as a green-baller for a year or so now, i can tell you the shocks actually can blow... if the doofus putting them back together slots the o-ring in the wrong groove - "write it up, KBZ" - yeah, yeah, i will

    1. So, to what do your green balls belong? (That just sounds wrong...)

    2. it's the very last UK-registered Xantia - 1.8 petrol 5-speed - 2001, with a tape deck!

      Xantia? - basically a Peugeot 406 with odd yet Bertone proportions and a hydropneumatic suspension -it's the replacement for the Peugeot 405 and Citroen BX, designed jointly after the merger - peppy little thing, handles nicely, jitter-free and non-fatiguing - huge boot

      perfect DT car really - underrated, cheap to buy - people can't figure out if i'm poor or weird - relax, it's both - i do get the occasional "hey, cool car, haven't seen one in ages"

    3. Yep, I am familiar with the Xantia (Mrs. Bobinott is from the "old country of smelly cheeses"). But I have not known anyone who owned one. Nice to hear positive things about it. A few Montrealers have been bringing XMs into Canada for over a decade. I wonder if Xantias will be the next "thing". God bless our 15 year import rule.

    4. Please consult your doctor before taking Xantia. Xantia may not be for you...

  3. Oh, regarding this SM, it should bid up a LONG way from where it is now. In fact, calling this a "restoration candidate" seems a bit off the mark. From the description, it just needs a major engine service (chains and tensioners) and then to have someone see what they can do for the interior. I could live with the imperfections in the body, if the price was right. And if the price is wrong, then the buyer is going to wind up spending even more to repair what looks like the result of poor storage, just to make the car perfect. I am not sure where the watershed is in the price. I have seen perfect examples go for $75K-$100K. I would be much happier with a $20K driver (yeah, that is totally going to happen, except for the $20K part).

  4. For what it's worth...the shepherd of Brooklyn guided me to find an auto shop across the street from a Walgrens...G& E Auto Repair 432 S 4th St Brooklyn. Google that address, go to map, then street view: I swear that's the Citroen under a car cover!

    1. if you view it from the other street, it's there unwrapped

      [image src=""/]

  5. I love these
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  6. Obligatory Burt scene:

  7. I live down the street from this car, its been there for a while getting dusty. Always enjoy seeing it.


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