Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wicked Pissa: 1982 Volkswagen Puma GTI

 Listen up ya chowdahead, if you need to get a new cah because your old one is busted, you'd bettah get that idear about buying sum high priced gahbidge from ebay outta your thick skull and head over to that list by the Craigs and get somethin killa.  Like this 1982 Volkswagen Puma GTI offahed for $7995 on the North Shore of the Hub. Tip from FuelTruckah.

You should buy this cah, onna-conna it bein da most nizza lookin piece this sida thah Irish Rivierah.   You'll have the only one on the Pike with this thing and you'll get swahmped in the pahking lot at Dunkies.  Yes suh!

 See anotha cah that is bettah than lobstahs on mah plate?


  1. Needs minimal things like floor pans?

  2. Tom Brady sez that Puma is GOAT-tastic! GO PATS! WOOOHOOOOOO!

    - AverageBear

  3. The more you guys feature these cars, the more they grow on me.

  4. This one keeps popping up, with the same photos even. Seller sounds like he's really holding out for the right buyer...

    He chimed in on the post below, he's what you might describe as a colorful guy I think?



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