Thursday, February 16, 2017

What Color Is This? 1972 Plymouth Fury Custom Wagon

On a fairly frequent basis, I will find myself asking the reader to help identify or clarify some unique aspect of a rare car, but it isn't often that I ask with help identifying the color of a subject car....but I can't tell if this car is brown, green, or...?  Find this 1972 Plymouth Fury Custom Wagon here on eBay bidding for $4,575 reserve-not-met with 3 days to go, located in Everett, WA.

Under the zip code sized hood is a 360 Mopar V8 that should put out a ton of torque and less power, but who cares.  You don't drive this classic based on specs/numbers/stats -- you drive this for the pure love of the automobile and all it stands for.

See another breen classic?


  1. Looks to be either Gold Leaf or Golden Haze. It's amazing all the colors that were available back then.

  2. Not sure what color bronzite this is on the Plymouth, but I'm pretty sure the 1960 Olds in front of it is Garnet Mist Iridescent :)

  3. Why do I like this so much.... it's like Dirty Harry had a couple kids, but is still on the scene.

  4. Large engine bay/small motor is a great combo. We overheated dad's 76 Chevy C10 (250 cid) in TJ once. As it was 4wd and not exactly an easy reach to the freeze plugs, the dude at the garage just jumped in the engine bay and sat on the wheel well while he made repairs. There was ample room for an assistant on the other side!

  5. Interesting looking aircraft carrier sized tailfins on the car in front of it in the driveway....

  6. ON CL 4 $8K

  7. Malden and Michael Douglas got married and retired to Seizure World where they relive their golden days on the Streets of San Francisco...while gettig groceries at the food bank.


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