Monday, February 6, 2017

What Am I? Hood Saw

DT reader John H sent in the suggestion for today's What Am I? -- a picture of a customized war machine straight from the mean streets of Mosul.  Your assignment: figure out what make/model of vehicle lives under the skin.

Image by Mstyslav Chernov/AP hosted on
Click the link to read the entire NPR article here.  And then put your guess in the comments.  I'm not sure what it you guys get to solve the puzzle AND determine the correct answer.


  1. F150-ish wheels? A'la this - but - but the angle between the spokes is off.

  2. Those wheels look like they're from a Scion TC almost. The original resolution of that photo indicates Bridgestone tires which would seem like a higher-end (for Iraq) car might be under there.

    That roofline curve/slope for whatever reason says CRV or some kind of Mitsu CUV or maaaaaybe an L200.

    When I was there they used the Chinese knockoff vehicles and other, less reliable vehicles (like captured HMMWVs) as their VBIEDs.

  3. Oh I like the L200 guess. I tried to see if I could recognize the coolant filler cap but didn't ring any bells.

  4. So. A truck that can only go in a straight line?

    How does it turn?

    Sure makes it easy for target practice, when it only goes straight like that...

    -Stan (who loves to transform cars...but, well, never thought of this...)

    1. ...although, when you can only see straight ahead, I guess turning is overrated...

    2. Really? Come on be honest, haven't we all thought of transforming our cars into a SVBIEDs armored with metal saws and junk at one point or another?

      PS good visibility is low on the requirement list. Getting the vehicle close to it's target before the driver is shot or vehicle disabled is the primary objective. These poor kids they brainwash into these attacks probably barely know how to drive anyway.

    3. Damn it I hate that I can't edit out my typos!

  5. Oh last comment. I was in VERY close proximity to an SVBIED in Afghanistan. There was literally nothing left of the vehicle. Just a crater and the entire block strangely covered in green shredded leafs from all the trees that were stripped bare. Plus some burning vehicles and casualties, almost all of whom were just poor Afghan civilians as usual. Horrible.

  6. Kids first attempt at a Zombie Apocalypse creation using mom's Town 'n Country.

  7. Any consensus on make/model here? I'm just as lost as everybody.

  8. Crap, Vince. I do a google image search and ISIL comes up across the board.

    I don't mind be Rick Rolled. But getting on the FBI's watch list for ISIL is not cool.

    -Stan (who got suckered in)


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