Monday, February 27, 2017

What Am I? Another Chance

For the first time in a long time, the What Am I? puzzle went unsolved last week -- so I'm going to give you guys another chance to solve this one.  Here is another view. 

What Am I?  Comments below.


  1. I wanna say it's something like a Jaguar E-Type lightweight, or one of the tribute cars like the Eagle Low Drag GT... I see aluminum and scoops and such so it's got to be something racy...

  2. why do i want to say "clamshell hood"?

    ooh, now i want to say "meep"

  3. To my eyes, it is something very utilitarian. I was going to make a wild guess of a UAZ 542, but then I googled it an realized they do not have a regular engine hood. How about something from Land Rover? Interesting that CFlo sees something VERY different....

  4. Yes CFlo, but I say Italian racer. There is a light that goes on under this mid engine hood and Lucas couldn't do That!

    1. That's an air intake and I doubt it's for the interior of this race machine if it even is a car, so air cooled?


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