Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday Twister: Broked Words

Today's Thursday Twister comes as an idea from BP who suggests that we compile a list of the best broken word fragments from craigslist.  Things like:   new breaks, torch get the idea.

Comments below.


  1. I was always partial to "Cadillac converter". Also the people who want to put their car on a boat, since they have it listed "for sail"

  2. Jeeps that come with wenches are quite common.

  3. Literally every craigslist seller within a 100 mile radius of me thinks SWB stands for "short wide bed".

  4. Any misspelling of "excellent" delights me ("excellant" comes to mind). And Volkswagen is commonly misspelled which is always funny when a person is asking you to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an automobile they cannot manage to spell the name of correctly.

  5. Lots of Manuel transmissions

  6. I just saw one that presumably includes the guy from Mission Impossible, since it comes with "Cruz"

    "Runs great but..."
    "Will have title Monday."

  7. pretty sure the first car i ever submitted as a tip here was a Mazata Mintia

  8. here's one i was going to submit today - wow, the spelling and lack of punctuation - i can't gripe about the no caps or periods though, since i do that all the time


    1990 BMW 535i E34 5 speed manual clean tittle new smogg

    1990 BMW 535i has only 130,000 miles very rare 5 speed manual

    it is loaded leather heated seats sunroof

    Power windows power door locks am/fm cassette CD changer a/c and heat

    these E34s are getting very hard too find

    everything works no rips or tears interior is very clean

    brand new smogg done on 2/8/2017 registration is current

    [image src="" width="500px"/]

  9. raydiator, new gages & hump stops, creempuff, Shevy & yeah, many manuels

  10. My favorite was a Mazda that was listed as running but "transmission sleeping"

  11. Duel exhaust. I think Aaron Burr was partial to them.

  12. Porshe Porche
    Wuz up craigs list what we have here is a sick ride - hit me up!

  13. AC works great, but needs a recharge

  14. In the tools section, I saw someone trying to sell "a finger break". I think that is only the case if you use it incorrectly.


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