Saturday, February 4, 2017

Temperature's Rising: 1954 Mercury Sedan

The 1954 Mercury sedan was slightly massaged version of the Mercury introduced in 1952, which isn't a bad thing at all because the Mercury is a sweet looking classic with an overhead valve Ford Y-block V8 up front.  Find this 1954 Mercury Sedan offered for $8,999 in Eastern CT via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

The seller lists this thing as a Mercury Mariner, but I don't think Mercury made a Mariner in fifty four...but I've been wrong before and am certainly no expert on '54 Mercs.  REGARDLESS, I can say that getting a good running/driving/looking classic piece of American 50's iron for less than $10k is indeed an oddity.  A good oddity. 

See a cooler piece of iron?


  1. Jimmy Hoffa trunk? Check
    Unusual exhaust pipe running from upside down cast iron manifold across front of engine? Check
    Oil bath air cleaner? Check
    Low price? Check
    Want? Check

  2. Ford Y blocks had a lot of the exhuast set up same as this one my buddys Dad had a early 60's with a 292 y block had that front balance pipe to hook the exhaust up i always thought the y blocks were ugly-dated compared to a SBC.

  3. The first car I can remember was a turquoise '54 Mercury in fact I have a picture somewhere. I think the rear end and the lights are one of the prettier designs of the fifties.

  4. By the way.I think thats a Monterey. A Mariner is a modern version of an Escape.


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