Saturday, February 25, 2017

Repeat Offender: 1974 Fiberfab Aztec

This next car jumped out of the page when I first saw the listing, and not because it is a crazy red car from bizarro world with a tatted up model sitting on the clamshell...but because I'd seen this car before.  Oh yes.  Everything old is new again.  Find this 1974 Fiberfab Aztec II offered here on eBay bidding for $9,500 reserve-not-met located in Las Vegas, NV with 4 days to go.
This car was first featured in July of 2014 where it was  sold for around $15k from a seller in Idaho.   The car was listed as having a 1969 title, but the same custom dash, and 2 liter Subaru turbo flat-4 lets us know that this is the same beast. What did I say last time?  This Aztec II is about as nice of an example of the Fiberfab kit car as you'll find around the web, shiny paint, big wheels and a massive surprise under the hood.  Yup.  Still true.

See a better way to drive an Aztec without throwing up in your mouth each time you see it?


  1. Wow $10k and doesn't even have a steering wheel. Little red riding hood is trying to trick us.

  2. You had me at "1940s Retro Redhead", but I digress.... This car looks very well finished. With all the engineering and fabricating that went into it, I wonder how much harder it would have been to flip the powertrain around and make it mid-engined? Previous sales attempts show us that the vendor is looking for something over $15K. He needs to find just the right buyer, because often someone who is interested in an Aztec is bottom-feeding the market, with their own fabrication dreams in their eyes.

  3. Would 'snap oversteer' be the name of the game when trying to carve some canyons in this?

    1. Yup. "Never lift off". I think that is written on the inside of every Porsche 911 windshield.

  4. Hmmm...let's try to sell this car of already-limited appeal by posting photos of it that would have a hard time moving a 9 year old Kia at $2100 off a Buy Here-Pay Here. Crumpled paper may protector and "for sale" sign chucked haphazardly in the cockpit may be trying to imply devil-may-care but just gets a fare-thee-well from me. And a planted right foot combined with religion will be the only chance you have if this gets sideways.

  5. Little Red Riding Hood looks like she has a prosthetic left leg from the shadow in the pic...


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