Monday, February 13, 2017

Low Mile Survivor: 1974 Chevrolet Nova

The third generation Nova was first sold in 1968 -- right at the peak of the 60s Muscle car glory days, but the car continued to be built through 1974...which was right at the peak of the infamous Arab oil embargo.  Gas prices went through the roof, safety requirements added mass, and emissions limits restricted can see where this was going, which was nowhere fast in a new car.  Find this 1974 Chevrolet Nova here on eBay bidding for $7,700 reserve-not-met located in Warwick, NY with 4 days to go.

The current bidding price might seem like a bit much for a big bumper Nova, but this one has only 41,000 original miles on the clock. We hope there is some documentation to prove that odo hasn't flipped over a few times. 

Powering this classic is a 350 cubic inch Chevy small block V8 that put out a measly 145 horsepower into a 3-speed slushbox.  Don't expect it to be quick...BUT, the 350 is such a versatile engine that you are only a weekend and a few hundred dollars away from burnouts on demand. 

See another survivor?


  1. So OK, this isn't as good looking as a 69 but it can be made to look a lot better than 1974. Just look at how the bumpers stick out!
    Remove bumpers and replace with earlier models. Remove little filler where turn signals go and replace with earlier pieces. Done.
    The exterior color and interior is very nice.

    1. I was thinking that exact thing. The xz code 350 was supposed to be good for 255 HP in other years.

  2. My dad's '74 had a 350 and I don't think it ever got more than 14mpg. It was reliable, but the build quality was horrendous.


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