Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Itsa Notta Jeepa: 1963 Fiat Campagnola

I found this sweet Jeep for sale on ebay and had written up most of the post when some DT staffer told me that it wasn't a Jeep.  Nonsense, says I.  Tis a Jeep, for sure.  Nope, that is a Fiat Campagnola.  Fiat made Jeeps was my incredulous reply?  Not really -- it is like a Jeep but rusts instantly and won't start on Tuesdays.  Find this 1963 Fiat Campagnola offered here on eBay bidding for $4,333 reserve-not-met located in New Egypt, NJ with 4 days to go.

According to a brief internet search, it is claimed that the Campagnola was the only heavy-duty off-road style vehicle to come from the (pre-Chrysler) Fiat corporation, but I find that hard to believe since Fiat has had its greasy fingers in just about every segment of the motion market.

The Campagnola (Italian for "camping by the side of the road is likely") was produced from 1951 through 1987, with an upgraded version appearing in 1974.  The car was sold to Italian armed services and various governmental agencies.

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  1. Interesting translation. Depending on the regional dialect it also means "hope you brought sensible footwear" or "good on you for trying!"

  2. So I have been buying Campagnolo parts for years and never knew the meaning just that they were obscenely expensive.
    Campagnolo - countryman
    Campagnola - countrified
    Someone here know Italian well? Gianni? Is this correct?
    Cute little jeep however I rather take in the Tuscany hillsides in an Alfa Matta

  3. Interesting car and great write up!

  4. I think there's only a few things missing from this review: a garlic reference and maybe a pic of Chef Boyardee. Just sayin'.


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