Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Is This Affordable? 1948 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Drophead Coupe

If the name Armstrong Siddeley doesn't instantly ring a bell with your automotive brain, you shouldn't be surprised, because I gotta admit that I hadn't the foggiest idea that I could buy a car with a Sphinx hood ornament and incredible style for less than a new Hondyota Acamry. Find this 1948 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Drophead Coupe offered for $19,000 in Denver, CO via craigslist.  Tip from Zach Z.

 The Hurricane 16 and 18 used the antiquated "tax horsepower" rating and were sold from 1945 through 1953.  Interestingly enough, Siddeley was acquired by Rolls Royce in the 1960s and Rolls sold all spare parts, patents, specs, etc to the Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club who now are able to drive around in their oddballs and do whatever owners clubs do without fear of being sued by an overzealous OEM (ahem...Ford...take note of how a good OE treats their long term fans).


The Hurricane features suicide doors, a nice interior, and a 2 liter (or 2.3 liter) inline-4 -6 that makes something like 70 horsepower.

See another classic cream colored thing?


  1. Never heard of this manufacturer before. Seems like it is in good shape. You may want to investigate cost of replacement for the Harbour Freight tarp looking convertible top. Suitable car for driving slowly on a sunny day while muttering about the "bally Gerries" whenever a bmw rips by driven by a hipster...

  2. I love this car and the great club-spares story. The grill, however, looks like it was created in MS Paint from a photo of a stack of lunchroom trays.

  3. I will take 19k on powerball instead.

  4. it's a 1991cc six cylinder ohv engine.

    1. 6 cylinder! Whoops, I didn't see an underhood shot and only did some brief research...let me update the text of the listing.

  5. Why do people post wikipedia descriptions of their cars for sale, instead of a description of their actual car?

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