Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Groundhog Sees A Dodge Shadow: 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT

Only a cynical person would say that Carroll Shelby cashed in on his fame when he partnered with Dodge to create the front-drive based Shelby-Dodges back in the 1980s...but let's face it, the only reason most of these things ever left the showroom was because the chicken rancher put his name on the side. Find this 1989 Shelby CSX-VNT offered for here on eBay for $9,900 in Clinton Township, MI.

The name CSX-VNT is a bit strange, CSX meaning Carroll Shelby Experimental and VNT standing for Variable Nozzle Turbine, but the car was made by Carroll Shelby and he had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted after winning LeMans...like putting his name in pin striping all over the seats, and building tire burning Dodge econoboxes.

The CSX-VNT is powered by a limited edition 2.2 liter version of Chrysler 4-banger, called the Turbo IV.  The CSX-VNT's Garrett turbo uses a variable geometry nozzle to control gas flow into the turbine, to function similarly to a wastegate by regulating the turbo speed and boost levels, but allowing for much less lag at lower engine speeds. The Turbo IV is good for 175 horsepower and a 205 ft-lbs of torque at a tractor-low RPM of 2100. Some may claim that the first gasoline passenger car with VNT technology was the Porsche 997 Turbo...but they would be conveniently forgetting this FWD Dodge.


  1. Whoo!!! That paint is niiiiicce! I think it was dipped!

  2. Well, Shelby's name on the side of the car WASN'T the only reason why these cars sold. 175HP in a light car? These sold because they usually beat the IROCs of the day more often than not, and gave the 5.0s a run for their $$

    - Average Bear

  3. They also had another bit of technology that still hasn't caught on - fiberglass composite wheels. I see this one doesn't have them though. It appears they were prone to shattering if you had a flat tire.

    1. the wheels are called fiberide. i own one and these wheels are next to impossible to find because they were created specifically for this car. no other car ever made in the history of auto has fiberide wheels. not even the 87 csx or the previous omni glhs that the csx was born from

  4. The groundhog saw his Shelby Shadow? Darn, six more weeks of torque steer!


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