Thursday, February 9, 2017

Generic: 1991 Ford F-150

Ask any American kid to draw a picture of a truck, and this is what you get.  It isn't some monster truck built to climb sand dunes or a stanced Japanese street machine -- no.  It is, simply a truck.  Find this 1991 Ford F-150 here on eBay offered for $5,890 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Canton, GA.

People ask the question -- where did all the small pickup trucks go?  Rangers/HiLux/Luv are long gone from the map of available pickups and the answer is simple -- this was a better truck for about the same amount of cash.  In 1991 the F-150 cost about $11,300 or you could get a new Ranger for $11,448.  For about the same amount of money you got more truck. Gas was cheap and the math was simple.

Under the hood was a 4.9 liter inline-6 that made 145 horsepower with fuel injection, but you could get 15mpg city and 19mpg highway if you ordered manual gearbox.  This one appears to have an automatic, which will drop those fuel economy numbers, but makes driving less of a chore.  You didn't buy a truck to row your own gears -- you bought it to haul your gear.

See a better way to haul your junk?


  1. I actually love this, right down to the utilitarian spec wheels and tires. It looks great for 166K miles (the ad text clarifies that the 5 digit odometer has rolled over.) The inline 6 and rwd are perfect for a basic parts-getter or home depot runner imho.

    I sorta wish it had a manual transmission, and if I was seriously considering buying it I really wish it had a/c.

    A friend on mine has an F-150 of the same generation, similar spec, although his is a work truck that has seen a lot of work; it's a bit rusty with a beat-up bed and a utility rack. Nevertheless it's a good, simple truck. When I borrowed it for the day I was quite pleased with it and remember thinking "why did trucks have to get more complicated than this?"

  2. What a beautiful truck! I hope the next owner keeps it in as nice shape as it is now.

  3. Had several of these growing up and many went past 250,000 miles without opening the engine. One made it to over 450,000 with only a valve job. The inline 6 had V8 torque, but better mileage. We routinely got low 20s on the highway. Great trucks, but I also must say that the current generation of the diesels are amazing performers that really are in a whole separate class, though their capabilities are not needed for runs to the dump and Home Despot.

  4. When people talk about an "honest truck," this is what they're talking about. No crew cab, no fancy western motif, just a truck to haul your stuff in. Perfect.

  5. Has AC. Dealer wants a $169.50 doumentation fee on a used truck. Robbery. No thanks!

  6. This is the truck I learned to drive a stick in! I also learned how to recover from fishtailing in the rain several times. Torquey!


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