Friday, February 24, 2017

Coffee Brake: Off Topic

Happy Friday -- time for another off topic Coffee Brake. Let's open up the comments to anything you might want to discuss. Go ahead. Discuss among yourselves. 


  1. Dailyturismo is dying. The amount of comments are decreasing month by month. It's the same 5-10 people if there are any comments. Are you guys advertising on google and other websites?

  2. Sadly, in a less pessimistic way, I have noticed a change in the community as a long time on-looker. This site has been a wealth of information to me, and I will always enjoy the prose and knowledge as long as there is a DailyTurismo.


  3. Wow, tough crowd!! Commenters, come and go -- it is a part of the cyclic nature of the web and nothing that anyone can control. I'll be honest and admit that perhaps DT gets less of my time these days (3 little kids, a wife, and a full time career will do that to your hobby website!!!). Are comments down? I dunno, but I think that the quality of comments is far more important than the quantity. I will also point out that pageviews (for what those are worth) are up year over year(Jan 2016 160k versus Jan 2017 190k), but the web doesn't make much money, so I don't put much into advertising other than word of mouth to be honest. DT will be 5 years in the making this summer, so perhaps it is time for a major reboot...or maybe I'll be too busy running to soccer practice to do anything. In the meantime, if you want to help DT, please join the fray with a name and we will get to know you. And tell you friends about us!!

    Vince - DT Editor-in-Chief

    1. A few things that came to mind if you want to attract more hits on google - your catchphrase is an image, not in text, so the google crawler will not pick up on it. You might want to try putting it in text so on every webpage on the site it is recorded (if you know what I mean). I hate click-bate, but sometimes putting a good amount of keywords at the bottom of each page causes it to rise in the ranks on the google search results. E.g. google "Cars under 20K" and maybe one day DT will show up in the results.

    2. i stumbled by to say something about Anonymous being a world renowned expert in stuff, and also things, and to ask if he or she had any concrete suggestions - thanks then for the search words input, whether you are the same Anonymous, or Dillon, or a different Anonymous

      how about a Twister or whatever on good DT search words / phrases - a couple that i frequently google would be, like, "up on stoves", "jaguar with a chevy", "muppet fur", and "roadmaster"

      anyway, i, for one, prefer things that aren't too popular, which explains my hairstyle, postcode and obsolete hundred quid Citroen - i'm taking quite a chance associating with Vince, who will be a big star one day very soon, and we should all appreciate what we've got here - i'm your biggest fan, V, and can i borrow twennydolla until Tuesday?

  4. I'd argue that DT is doing pretty well. Great new contributors, lots of interesting cars day after day and commenters you get to know over time. It's the only car site I visit every day.

    I would like to see more 'reader rides' and stories from all the folks who visit this great site.

  5. I dunno how I found DT but I read it nearly every day and I'm way down under (Perth, AUS). Maybe as an American refugee, DT appeals to me as the way life (and cars, well cars are life anyway) used to be.
    Somewhere along the journey, life (as in a family, mortgage, and limited driveway space got in the way) and I only own one newish and reliable car. Those old Scouts and other sensible yet out of production vehicles I loved (to work on) "don't live here anymore", however they live and thrive on these hallowed pages of DT.

  6. Might be a bit late - can anyone pull up a roughly british racing green 122s / 220 / Amazon with a red interior? Twould appear that the traditional match from the factory was the tan vinyl, but I'm pondering a respray on mine.


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