Friday, February 17, 2017

Coffee Brake: The Next Big Thing

This might surprise you, but I've been doing a lot of thinking recently.  Thinking about my options for garage flooring -- currently I've got simple unstained concrete, but I'd love to paint it with some polyurethane paint or maybe drop a RaceDeck floor...I dunno.  I've also been thinking about creating my own brand of gasoline scented aftershave -- but keep that on the down-low for now...what I've been REALLY trying to put my head around is the next big thing in used classics.  

If you'd have told me 10 years ago that aircooled Porsche 911s would quadruple in price within the decade, I would have laughed you all the way to the garage and given you the Porsche 912 I couldn't sell.  What is going to make that next jump?  I think that kit-cars will finally get the attention that they deserve haven't gotten, like this 1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo Replica Aztec 7...I'm not sure what this on eBay bidding for $1,575 reserve-not-met located in Spring Valley, CA.

Or this 1927 Replica Bugatti Type 35 based on a Volkswagen Beetle here on eBay bidding for $5,000 reserve-not-met with 3 days to go, located in Miami, FL. 

I can't believe that these cars won't be worth more money in a few years...but I could be wrong.  What do you think are the diamonds among turds of the used car world?  Comments below.


  1. Anything with a "pure" driving experience. People are getting sick of being babied when driving, and that resentment is only going to increase in coming years. People are wanting to go back to a minimalist driving experience. Just you and the machine. And yes, anything with a stick.

  2. A few guesses - please keep in mind I always sell my cars before that hit sky height yuppie prices.

    e39 m5
    e34 m5
    Fox body 5.0
    Iroc z
    Integra R
    last GTO
    Audi TT
    2jz Supra prices will climb - Hemi Cudas of their generation

    1. Oh dear god, anything but Iroc Camaros, please, anything!!!!!!
      honestly C4 corvettes, as bland as they are, excite me 10x more than any version of that era Camaro ever will.
      I think there is a possibility the non M e30 and z3 coupe, base 190e and other cars that share a chassis with cars that are achieving collector status will be pulled along for the ride and see a significant bump in value.

  3. Un-touched first gen STi's....oh wait they already skyrocketed.

  4. Civic si - vtec just kicked in YO!
    and M coupe - clown shoe FO SHO!

  5. Volvo V/S70R, Subaru SVX, Toyota MR2 AW11, Lexus LS400, and, hopefully, the Infiniti I30, especially if it has a manual

  6. You guys are too slow, the highlights of those lists are already appreciating.

    The one that got away for me is the MR2. They are either falling apart or 8-12k$ now for what used to be a 6-8k car

    FD rx7's are climbing, my other retirement car, dammit.

    RE garage floor, if you're doing a working garage just put a sealer on it. welding or heavy work will ruin epoxy. In my factory I put industrial epoxy down and it stands up more or less to fork truck traffic but only for so long. You want to get on garagejournal and do some research. A lot of first hand experience there with over the counter flooring. Tennant and Stonhard are the ones we use but they cost a lot of doollars.

  7. VIpers - So much Macho for so little money.


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