Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Auction Watch: 2004 Mazda RX-8 37k miles

Find this 2004 Mazda RX-7 37k miles here on eBay offered for $4,995 located in Wrightstown, NJ.


From eBay listing:

2004 MAZDA RX8





For sale is this nice looking 2004 Mazda RX8 with only 37k miles. We normally sell light damaged salvage vehicles but this Mazda has no major body damage and comes with a Clear Title. This vehicle was directly purchased from insurance company for resale in the condition you see it on the pics. No middle man involved. We have the Clear Title (no-liens) with actual miles at hand and ready to transfer to the new owner. Overall condition of the vehicle is clearly shown in the pictures below. Hood has clear coat peeling off, the rest of he paint is ok but looks like it had previous paint work most likely to the right side. Left headlight and taillight have small cracks at the corners. Interior is in tact, passenger dash area has some cracks as seen (see pic). We did not notice any mechanical issue with the vehicle but would advise good tune up and fluid changes since its been sitting for some time. Engine runs good, sounds good and gears shift ok. Only 37k actual miles as stated on the title and shown on the speedometer.
Check out the many detailed pics below and feel free to ask any questions you might have. We have the Clear Title (no-liens) at hand and ready to transfer to the new owner. We can arrange shipping anywhere in the mainland usa at low rates. Message us your zip code for a shipping quote.


  1. My glorious years with an '85 GSL-SE got the rotary bug outta my system, or mostly did. One should approach the purchase of an early RX-8 with great skepticism ...

    1. Excellent article, thanks David Sanborn. Even after reading that, this RX-8 still looks like a pretty appealing deal. But from that article, I guess this might be a situation where the low-mileage aspect could be a drawback.

  2. It's rare to see one with this low of miles and a clean title. Still, I'm most interested in an RX-8 with an LS swap.

  3. Have heard of the starting troubles in the past and cold weather is another thing they dislike. Rather have last generation RX-7 but cost is not RX-8 like either.

  4. I've spent considerable time under the hood of these cars. I love how easy they are to work on (engine/trans can be out in 2.5-3hrs working alone w/o air tools), but do not love how often you need to do so. These had 10yr/100k mile engine warranties but this one is outside of the 10yr mark. I've seen engine failures (often characterized by long/no hot start) at as low as 40k miles, depending on maintenance and driving habits.

    If someone were to buy this, I'd decarbon the engine, change fluids, coils, plugs, wires and tires, get a good (optima red) battery, a Cobb access port, and check the P/N of the starter.

    The reason I mention the starter is that in some cases, engine replacement due to low compression/hot start issues can be put off for sometimes up to 2 years by getting a newer, faster-spinning starter.

    Ref: cold weather... these actually start *easier* in the cold due to the rotor housings being colder and closer to the rotors.

    Flooding can be an issue if its cold started and not brought to operating temp before shutting down again... blah there's plenty of documentation over at rx8club.com on their FAQ if anyone is seriously interested in this car.


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