Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Auction Watch: 1968 Rover 2000 TC

Find this 1968 Rover 2000 TC here on eBay bidding for $7,000 with buy-it-now of $8,500 located in Doylestown, OH with 9 days to go.

From eBay:

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes: “Only defects on this car I am aware of are: the Ice Alert safety feature (light on dash when temp at bumper level is below freezing) and low speed of heater fan are inoperative. Front fenders had small rust repair and were professionally repaired.Some cracks in window edging rubber.”

Year: 1968 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 41801120A
Mileage: 65,423 Number of Cylinders: 4
Make: Other Makes Transmission: 4-speed manual
Trim: 4-door sports sedan Body Type: sedan
Engine: inline 4 - SOHC Vehicle Title: Clear
Drive Type: RWD Options: Leather Seats
Fuel Type: Gasoline Sub Model: TC
For Sale By: Private Seller Exterior Color: April Yellow
2000 TC Interior Color: Black

This automobile was purchased new by my father in Pennsylvania, has always been garaged and faithfully cared for. Never smoked in. Engine is original,  runs beautifully- no smoke. Engine, brakes ( 4 wheel power discs ) and mechanicals have been maintained by British car professionals. November 2016 I had first new clutch  put in, new heater box hose, exhaust manifold gaskets,  oil cooler O-rings, reworked front engine stabilizer w  new rubber bushings, and some minor wiring and hose updates. Also, with this 'doctor' visit , New : Valvoline VR1 racing 20w /50, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Muffler and exhaust pipe replaced in 2012, and correct Vredestein Sprint radial tires have less than 200 mi.  Original black leather bucket seats - no splits- w fold-down rear center armrest , paint (original exc front fenders), chrome, interior surfaces, headliner, etc., are all in outstanding condition.Dash is NOT faded as it appears in photo, sun glare. AM-FM radio, cigarette lighter, interior lighting, instruments, all in good working order. With four-wheel independent (w DeDion rear) suspension and twin carb ( SU,s )  high compression engine ( 124 HP ), driving is a true delight. I am selling only due to the challenges of storing. I will tell you that this car garners attention wherever it goes due to it's condition and rarity. I have had it to numerous shows and gatherings over the years and I have never encountered another one. In May 1967, Car and Driver Magazine said...."Absolutely the best sedan that has been presented in the pages of this magazine. We think it's an automotive milestone."  This unique British marque is in need of a good home.


  1. Gorgeous car. Condition looks to be excellent, and the price is attractive. I always thought of these as the miniature Jaguar Mark 2. I was amused to read that the "Ice Alert" warning light is burned out. Basically, it is a temp sensor on the front bumper that lights a warning lamp if it is below freezing. Probably was a useful feature in the UK, but up here in Ottawa, that damned light would be on steadily from Dec to the end of March.


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