Thursday, February 16, 2017

Auction Watch: 1960 Chevrolet El Camino Kustom

Find this 1960 Chevrolet El Camino Kustom here on eBay bidding for $5,249 reserve-not-met located in Lompoc, CA with 1 day to go.

From eBay listing:
1960 El Camino. Original show car from the 60's. Known as The Cherry Dream. Featured in the July 1965 issue of Rod & Custom magazine. Originally built in Texas in the mid 60's then became a more serious show car in the later 60's and toured the US in the ISCA Show car circuit. Lots and lots of original chrome! Still has its original 335 hp 348 and 3 speed trans. Setup with twin fake supercharger. Custom straight front axle. Very rare supposedly one off Mickey Thompson front wheels and tires. Originally had a plexiglass speed boat windshield. Now missing. Very cool car with lots of history. Here's a rare opportunity to own an original piece of automotive art! I reserve the right to end the auction early do to car being for sale locally.  Anyone interested can call or text me for more information and pics. Thanks for looking


  1. Well son of a gun, this thing is kind of amazing. I really enjoyed the 1960s-1970s custom era. The annual traveling "Autorama" show was a big deal. I see various postings about it on message boards, but it seems like no one has been able to come up with good photos of it when it was in its prime. That Hot Rod magazine article seems to show a different phase of this one's life. Those naked chassis shots show the huge amount of effort that went into this originally. I wonder if the current seller bought it to try to bring it back.

  2. The original pics look really interesting, the current incarnation seems much less cohesive.


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