Wednesday, February 22, 2017

440CI Big Block: 1964 Dodge Dart

The Dart name first appeared as a Chrysler concept built by Carrozzeria Ghia in the late '50s, but it wasn't until 1960 that a production version was released as an inexpensive (no Ghia body) full sized Dodge.  Fast forward a few years and the Dart was put on a diet to mid-sized, but the anorexia continued until 1963 when it was a compact to compete with Chevy's Corvair, Ford's Falcon, and Studebaker's Lark. Find this 1964 Dodge Dart offered for $7,200 in Albuquerque, NM via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

This Dart may have started as a simple 2-door sedan/coupe version (not the hardtop because you can see a "post"...I is a 50s/60s American car thing) but it now has a 440 cubic inch big block V8 mated to a 727 automatic transmission.

See another tire smokin machine?


  1. Fenderwell headers on a Dodge Dart are a bit of a red flag. On most Chevies, they're just metal splash shields, and a lot of Dodge owners get the idea they can hack them up with impunity. Except that on a Mopar A-body, they're structural, and effectively serve as the front frame rails. If you're taking a look at this one, make sure he's put in some other reinforcement to account for the missing stiffness from the front fenders. Fenderwell holes with sharp corners are also trouble, as these tend to crack.

    1. Nice info, speaking of headers where are the 440 shots? Should be the first thing one photographs!

  2. I agree not one motor shot a buddy of mine had a 65 Valiant with a 383 also had fenderwell headers only way it would go in would never clear with the factory manifolds
    also had a remote oil filter as that was a clearance issue also.


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