Thursday, February 9, 2017

1 of 33: 1995 Callaway C9 Impala SS

Reeves Callaway was an aspiring race car driver who ended up working as an instructor at Bob Bondurant's racing school in the 1970s and later fitted a turbo system on a BMW 320i and loaned the car to Car and Driver journalist Don Sherman who wrote a one page article on it and told him "you should do this for a living".  A few years later and Callaway Cars was building some of the most bonkers stuff based on Corvette, but in 1994 they put their magic touch on the B-Body Impala.  Find this 1995 Callaway Impala SS offered for $12,000 in Canton, MA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

 The Callaway modifications to the Impala included a 383 cubic inch upgrade to the original LT1 V8 that turns the engine into a 400 horsepower beast.  Suspension and brakes were also upgraded to help turn and stop the 4100 lb cruise missile.

This is a legitimately rare bird -- you can read about it on Callaway's website or on this old MotorTrend article, where you might notice the $49,750 asking price in 1994 (or $80,000 in today's cash when adjusted for inflation). 

See a cheaper classic Callaway?


  1. Didn't know these existed. Pretty cool and collectable.
    I always liked TIm Allens ZR1 powered SS
    ar ar ar ar!

  2. @Sean Scott +1
    I didn't know about them either, but if I was home and not stuck half way around the world I would be calling this guy asking if Logan was open. I really like these, and after Callaway works their magic it could only be better....


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