Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tips from Matt C: Buick Apollo, Volvo 144, Land Rover, Tri-Ped, Lincoln

The following collection of craigslist winners comes from Matt C who also included some commentary to go with each of the clunkers. 

I'm leading off with a good deal on a Buick Apollo, the Nova's forgotten brother.  73 Buick Apollo
 Buick 350, 350th trans. Need door panels and head liner. Runs and drives. Bottom dollar $2000. ...

And here's a pretty nice Volvo 144, to go with the other vintage Swedish cars you've been posting.  1971 volvo 144s  This is very rare volvo 144s 4speed manual transmission.The engine was just fully rebuild I can show and proven ...

OK, I had no idea Land Rover ever built these things.  1976 Land Rover 101 Forward Control This 101 Forward Control is in solid condition for its age. It was running when it was parked, and has been swit...

OK, this is one year too late, but I'm letting it slip in anyway because it might be something even DT's readership has never seen.  Pivar Tri-Ped Micro Car 49cc, engine just freshened up, several new parts. One of 400 built.1500.00 OBO or inter...

Last, a prime example of the Malaise Era: A Bill Blass edition Lincoln.  1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition. Rare find. 460 v8 3 speed automatic transmission. 68,000 mil...


  1. I'm confused by the "Apollo". I own a '73 Buick Apollo and it doesn't look like that, the grill and hood are different. It looks like someone took an Oldsmobile Omega (another Nova relative) and swapped Buick badges on it, not sure why?!

    1. The car has Apollo tail lamps; I'm guessing this was wrecked at some point and the (bolt on) Olds front end was too good a deal to pass up...

  2. Nice shut lines on the trunk of the 144 only if you need some water in your trunk !
    Frontend looks to be a lighter shade of pale..or someone was too lazy too finish waxing rest of car....


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