Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Elusive Unicow: 1980 Toyota Townace 4X4 Pop Out Camper

My wife loves those shows about tiny houses, but frankly I don't understand the thrill of living like sardines with your family or dealing with the joys of a composting toilet (do you enjoy emptying a bucket of pee, on your too!).   Anyway, my idea of tiny house living involves something with diesel power and my family nowhere in sight.  Find this 1980 Toyota Townace 4X4 Pop Out Camper here on eBay offered for $19,500 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Morrisville, PA. Tip from Zach.

 Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a vehicle like this exists -- its 4X4, 5-speed manual, diesel, Japanese, pop-out camper.  ALL THIS NEEDS IS A FUSION DRIVE AND I WOULD TRADE MY OLDEST CHILD FOR THIS THING.

I may joke about my family, but I love my wife and two wonderful kids, and that other kid too...and this van would be perfect for a family camping trip...with or without them.  Just look at all that room with the side popped out -- I'd be tempted to drive this thing around like that.


  1. Er, 1991.

    Yeah, other than LHD, is there anything that this puppy doesn't do? (Is that shower out back?)

  2. 5-speed on the column!?

  3. Wow!!
    During the develpment of this thing, not one single decision was made taking weight into consideration.

  4. #noconpromisesotherthanthirst

  5. Mileage stated in km, right-hand drive ... me thinking this is a Japanese transplant. As noted, very cool and seems to have just about everything in a tidy package, but the RHD aspect makes it a tricky proposition in these here United States. Some cool, low-slung sports car that you cannot otherwise get in the U.S., then RHD becomes an acceptable tradeoff, but for a camper ... I don't know.

    1. Since when was R&D a bad thing? Aside from the weird stares you get, I can think of any real negatives.

    2. Concur. Right-hand-drive makes things a little more difficult if you need to overtake someone on a windy dual carriageway. But there will be no overtaking in this. And it makes things more difficult if you are driving a really wide vehicle. But Americans who haven't seen one of these in the metal will struggle to understand just how tiny the Town-Ace vans are. With that side extended, it's probably no wider than a regular American pick-up truck.

  6. I am really surprised that this thing is a 1980. The cab shape, the body-coloured bumper, and the all-wheel-drived-ness make me think there has been some creative paperwork. (**UPDATE** - I just checked the EBay listing, it says 1991. That makes sense)

  7. You'd have to have some short legs to use that composting terlet....jess sayin, jethro

  8. So I look at the photos, and I'm wondering...

    If 3 kids (100 lbs ea) start at the left side window, and all run and JUMP! onto the couch when the slide is extended....

    ...with the van keel over on its side?

    I know that's what *I* would have done...

    -Stan (who is feeling a bit tipsy today...)

  9. Could make for a revised version of side-car racing.


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