Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tasty Rootbeer: 1974 Cadillac Sedan Deville

Have you ever wanted something so wrong that it is actually right?  This 230" long car gives the proverbial middle finger to modern cars.  It is long, brown, thirsty, loud, and made of a lot of steel.  These dinosaurs are so rarely seen any more that they really stand out in the 2017 auto landscape.  Find this 1974 Cadillac Sedan DeVille for sale in Boerne, TX for $18,500 via Hemmings

The 472 ci/4 barrel combo has been worked over to now produce 485 horsepower.  The stock set up was good for barely over 200 so this is no small feat. The transmission has been beefed up to cope with the extra horses.  A larger aluminum radiator keeps the engine cool.  The engine now has a MSD electronic ignition and breathes out a custom dual exhaust system.  The suspension has had some work done on it so it may be less floaty than stock.

The dash houses custom square gauges in the place of the original ribbon speedometer.  The red leather seats look noticeably less Brougham-like than the tufted velour chairs.  The interior also benefits from new carpeting.  1974 was the first year of optional "Air cushion restrain system."  This early air bag safety system was not very popular and discontinued after the 1976 model year.

The rust free body has been smoothed and painted metallic root beer brown. All door handles have been shaved and there is now a remote control entry system.  Additional add-ons include an alarm system and a radio with MP3 capabilities.  The lack of landau roof here makes for a very clean looking ride.  The seller claims it will cruise all day at 70+ mph.

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Cory is working on his 1995 Mercedes C36 project car and parting out a 1998 Merccedes C43.


  1. If you wait long enough even a smog throttled '74 Caddie once driven by a cigar chomping owner of the local dry cleaner will get the shaved door handle treatment. Kinda like putting my overweight grandma in a g string. Oh The Horror!

  2. The size of the hardtop openings is impressive. I thought these might be the last 4 door hardtops. Nope - that award goes to the 1978 full size Chryslers.

  3. I really like it. Looks like a nice highway cruiser if you can stomach the fuel prices.

    1. Or electric conversion! That trunk could probably swallow a few Prii worth of batteries and still have room for a pair of kneecapped hipsters.


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