Monday, January 2, 2017

Renegrenade Hi-Bread: 1980 Porsche 928

You've heard all the negative stuff on the internet about the Porsche 928.  It was faster backwards than forwards, it is the German Camaro, it is styled like a suppository, it is as reliable as Mariah Carey's monitor... ENOUGH!  The 928 is a great car, and it only gets better when you put in some reliable domestic iron.  Find this 1980 Porsche 928 with Chevy V8 offered for $10,500 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

This Moby Dick was built by the onwer to compete in the Silver State Classic Challenge, so it has a rollbar, external battery disconnect, Recaro racing seats, and is plumbed for NOS.  This looks like the perfect car for a suburban Los Angeles commute.

Under the hood sits a 350 cubic inch small block "crate" Chevy engine.  It is mated to the 5-speed Porsche transaxle via a Renegade hybrids adapter plate.  The car wears Oregon plates, but has a California BAR sticker giving it a get out of jail free card from the Cali smog gestapo. 

Regrettably, somebody made the poor decision to gut the interior, which is great if you are building a track only car, but a pretty poor choice for something that you'll spend much time driving to work or even bombing down the back roads.  Wear ear plugs.

See a cooler way to impress your neighbors?


  1. Actually ,the one I drove was just like a clapped out Camaro. Full of rattles inside and loose under your butt.

  2. Please let there be an Iroc with a 928 engine in it somewhere.

    1. Then it wouldn't be an IROC.

      It would be an IBROKE

      -Stan (who loves water cooled porches, 'specially in summertime, with a cool lemonade...)

    2. or maybe I-ROLL....?

      As in, "I have to roll it, because it don't run."

      (...something about the multi-port fuel injection on the car next to it sending EMPs to disrupt the points on the distributor cap...or, perhaps just bad love between a big heavy Chevy and a German Tranny...)

      -Stan (who is signing off for tonight. Don't forget to tip the bartender, you savages!)

  3. Off road use only in Cali, think that should be mentioned in the description...YIKES

    1. I took my 944 off-roading once.

      Alcohol and a very cute co-worker may have been involved.

      Only did it once. My mechanic almost made me a Castrato when I brought it in (and I'm not talking use of oil)

      -Stan (who still loved his 944. In a guy-car kinda way)

  4. I'm trying to like this from a standpoint of the sum of its parts are attractive, however enough niggling points are making hard to like. The TPI engine I think is a poor match, as it's a tremendous low rpm twister where the stock motor is a spinner. I think the transmission gearing is not going to be fun to drive except to melt tires from off the line. The TPI intake also infringes onto the frame/engine bay cross bar as it's missing. Should run from the fender nubs with two holes left to right, where the air cleaner meets the throttle body. This bar is so important the workshop manual says not to lift the car without it installed. I have seen reports where guys have cracked the windshield doing that. On the flip, if the pictures are recent, most of the interior is actually there, and the missing pieces could be put back reasonably cheap by cruising forums. The paint looks good, etc. Last thoughts, not the best set up for a track car with a low revving motor and being a sunroof car. Most track set up 928's will be non sunroof or the sunroof frame/roof cut out and a panel welded in, as the sunroof takes up a large amount of head room. A helmet in a sunroof 928 means a reclining seating position if you're taller than 5 ft. 7 inches.


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