Monday, January 16, 2017

Miataget: 1971 MG Midget with Mazda 1.6L

The MG Midget was a badge engineered version of the Austin Healey Sprite and shared mechanical components, sheet metal -- basically everything but the badges on the fenders.  With the low compression US spec 1275 cc inline-4 under hood, the little car seems like it has negative horsepower, but imagine getting that zoom-zoom feeling of modern power with the pre-Sabrina bumpers of the early 70s Midget.  Find this 1971 MG Midget with Mazda 1.6L here on eBay bidding for $78.00 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Birmingham, AL.

The bidding is very light on this thing, probably because the engine swap has been started but not completed.  Buying someone else's half done project is like shoving someones half eaten sushi in your mouth -- YES, it does come at a significant discount, but expect some discomfort in the next few hours. 

See another car where the driver is a baby and the passenger is a mop?


  1. Looks like the wrong item number in the link. I think this is it:

    1. Thanks Bob; link is fixed now. Although the auction ended at $355 with reserve not met.

  2. I was a foreign car mechanic and body man in the mid sixties. I worked on many Sprites and Midgets. Clutch replacement meant engine removal. I never wanted a Midget, as I'm 6'2". My wife did. The clutch went in the second week. I sold it where it stopped.

  3. Currently at $205.00 bid, I think this is a parts car...

  4. Seller goes by grimsenseofhumor.



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