Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Make It A Six: 1969 MG MGC GT

The zippy little MGB roadster was released by British Motor Corp (BMC) in 1962, followed shortly (in 1965) by the MGB GT hatchback/coupe version, but things got even more interesting in 1967 with the launch of the MGC -- an inline-6 version and the MGC GT an inline-6 hatchycoupe version. Find this 1969 MG MGC GT here on eBay bidding for $9,101 with a few hours to go, located in Stowe, VT.

The inline-6 version of the MGB added some amount of beef over those front tires as highlighted by the prominent hood bulge.  However, the chassis was given some additional strengthening, bigger brakes, 15-inch wheels, different steering rack ratio and a unique torsion bar suspension. 

Under the hood is a BMC 2.9 liter C-series inline-6 that pushes out 147 horsepower when equipped with twin SU carburetors.  The stylish British fastback finally had some go to go with its show and 60mph was dispatched in less than 10 seconds and top speed was up to 120 mph (from 105 in the standard MGB GT).

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  1. These were pretty much unicorns, even in the late 70's. Price wise, at that time, it was just as reasonable to buy a Healey 3000 because the unicorn factor pushed the MGC prices up, while the Healeys were just old Brit roadsters at that time. Now that Healey prices are way on up there, and the Rover V8 powered cars are available (sort of), it would seem these would be for purists only, as the V8 equipped cars probably handle better and have a lot more power? Have any of the DT'ers ever driven one of these?

  2. Speaking of unicorns, my roommate in college circa 1973 had one of these with two glass panels in the roof separated by a metal strip. It was a metallic blue if I recall. I wonder if its still extant

    1. If it was later in the 70's, your description sounds like those pop-up roofs that were really popular, especially after the Corvettes and other GM cars came out with T-tops. The trend (or disease)then spread to Japanese cars like the 280ZX. They came in a couple of different sizes and added a ton of profit to otherwise low profit vehicles. I'm ashamed to admit that I up-sold a number of those to Toyota and Nissan customers who couldn't quite afford a 280ZX or Celica, so we would put a pop-top into their Sentra or Corolla to make them feel better about their econobox that they wished was a sports car. I consider all the bad things that have happened to me since that time to be my penance. (Not reparations, just penance)

  3. Ebay item number s/b 112266067417, not 99999999999


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