Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Greenback: 1973 MG MGB GT

I've always wanted a classic MGB, but I'm not a big fan of convertibles...which sounds strange coming from a resident of sunny Southern California.  The problem is that you end up sitting in traffic most of the time and sucking on smog while people watch you bake in the sun isn't my idea of a "good time" .  Find this 1973 MG MGB GT offered for $6,995 in Santa Cruz, CA via craigslist.

The MGB was built by MG (Morris Garage) Cars in England back when the British Empire made something other than surprising elections, camera loving royals and bad finances. It was a sublime piece of engineering and looks sweet today.

Under the hood is a 1.8 liter OHV inline-4 rated at 91 horsepower and 98 ft-lbs of torque.  The hardtop GT version was marginally heavier than the convertible MGB (and slower), but stiffer torsional rigidity will make it nicer in the turns...and the biggest bonus is not getting wet in heavy fog.

See another hardtop classic for cheap? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. It would be worth it to drive up to Santa Cruz with a buddy to buy this car, just to enjoy the drive back home along the coast road.

  2. If there is no rust it's a steal even if it doesn't run....

    1. Lordy, but the rust.

      I spent 6k on a DT example here in FL and found rotted rockers and frame rails after I dug through the cosmetic cover-up. Oh well. Classic drive, though.

    2. Maybe a lifetime central California is clean of rust?
      What are the first areas to check? Doglegs etc....any way to look into areas without body part removals?

    3. Yeah, Tom. Doglegs are notorious. Also, where floor meets the doglegs. Rockers also. Frame rails and crossmembers burned me as they appeared fine but had actually rusted from the inside out. PPI highly recommended and make sure that the PPI-er brings a magnet and tiny fleet head screwdriver.

  3. I always loved the MGB GT best, you don't get wet in the rain or get in and the seat is wet, don't roast on sunny days and can lock it at the mall. Or you can get a Porsche 924/944 much later with twice the horsepower and as much fun to drive for the same money.

  4. I wonder if this has O/D.

    Can anyone tell? Cant remember where the toggle is. Never liked the later steering wheel.

    While I'm an original fanatic I'd have to source a sixties on,.if it would fit.


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