Sunday, January 15, 2017

El Tea Juan: 1990 Mazda RX-7

Good deals on original classics on craigslist tend to go faster than rum cake at an AA meeting, but what about engine swapped beasts?  They can last for a few days or months because finding the right buyer who is willing to live with a Frankenstein's monster can be tricky, something to consider if you ever plan on selling.  Find this 1990 Mazda RX-7 with LT1 offered for $9,000 in Louisville, KY via craigslist.

The second (technically third) generation (FC) Mazda RX-7 debuted in 1986 with new streamlined styling and more power from the available Wankel rotary engines.  For the first time in the US market, a turbocharged version was available, but the chassis featured the same fantastic reflexes and sporty seating that was a hallmark of previous RX-7 cars.

An LT1 from a '95 Camaro would have come with 275 horsepower and 325 ft-lbs of torque from the factory, but this one has been given a boost of power with some new pistons/rods and head work.  It could be good for an additional 100 horsepower if it is tuned properly and should turn this RX-7 into a real black stripe layer.

See another LT1 shoved where it doesn't belong?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, plus it's hard to say no to something that costs half of what the parts cost!

  2. As excited as this swap makes me, my enthusiasm is tempered by living in hot, muggy Florida and there being no mention of air conditioning in the description ...

    1. That sad reality ceased to deter me from aggressive window shopping about a year ago. I've just accepted as fact that most of the interesting examples to come along will require all apertures open if I don't want to drown in my own sweat while driving them. I tried testing the A/C in my recently-acquired 1979 911sc and I still can't really tell if it cools at all... which is consistent with operational Porsche A/C, from what I hear. Glad it's a targa.


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