Sunday, January 29, 2017

Daily Parker: 1977 Fiat 128 3P

The Fiat 128 was a front drive econobox that was released before the roads around the world were clogged with similar piles of garbage, which makes it innovative or hated depending on how you feel about front-drive econoboxes.  Personally, I'm ambivalent and prefer to treat them like slow moving chicane cones with a variety of high horsepower proper-wheel-drive vehicles, but sometimes you just want a fuel efficient box with wheels.  Find this 1977 Fiat 128 3P offered for $6,000 in Tacoma, WA via craigslist. Tip from Camion di Carburante.

Hang on...this is a terrible idea.  Daily driving a Fiat 128 is like giving your 2-year-old a pet scorpion that is pregnant with baby scorpions-- YES, it sounds great on paper, but like an episode of the Kardashian Tiny House, it won't be much fun after the first breakdown.

See a better way to drive your spouse insane? FIAT!


  1. Washington seems to have a lot of really unique and eclectic cars. Anyone here vouch for this?

    1. no snow > no rust > more old cars

      they only come out in the summer here in salty road country

      also, there's Gianni sending in every Italian car in the local passagietta

    2. PacNW as a whole has some very interesting cars. In fact, the whole west coast. California has so many unique and strange cars, e.g. hollywood, etc...

    3. Lots weed, combined with plenty of disposable income.

  2. Believe it or not, this 1.3 L was the more powerful option at that time. My old man drove the 1.1 L version, back in the old country. The Berlinetta had sporty styling, handled reasonably well, but didn't have any power to speak of. As a 12 year old, I loved it, even though it meant that for every drive, I had to crawl past the flipped forward driver-seat to get into the back seat. In spite of nostalgia, I like the looks of it, but don't feel the need to relive it.

  3. The posting's deleted, but I'm guessing it's a stick which means fun. Tiny econo-hatchback with manual shift is a ton of fun. Lightweight, great visibility, huge practicality.

    I learned to drive stick chirping the tires in a girlfriend's Civic DX and have fun memories of driving around Denmark in my aunt's borrowed Citroën Saxo*.

    Plus it looks sharp as hell, especially with the roof rack.

    *This car had a bizarre 10-digit keypad which required a 4 digit security code to be entered whenever you used the car. The plastic wore off the buttons when you used them so everyone could see which digits were in the code.


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