Saturday, January 7, 2017

Call For Reader Rides

This is a call for Reader Rides, the stuff you drive/wrench/crash, and not necessarily cars for sale, just cars that you own (or have owned) and would be of interest to our readers.  If you want your ride featured on Daily Turismo, just send us a few hi-res photos (or links) and a few words about the car.

Does the car have to be a perfect?  No.  In fact, the crazier the stories about the car, the better.  You can just free form your words, or follow this questionnaire.

Year / Make / Model / Trim ?
How long have you owned it?
Why did you buy it?
What do you use it for (commute, fun, racing...etc)?
Is it stock or modified? If modified, please list some modifications.
What was the most memorable day in your car (proposed to wife, 3rd child born in back seat...etc)?
What was the most catastrophic failure of parts/components?
What makes you want to keep owning this car?
Will you ever sell it?

Send your submissions to


  1. I love this idea, looking forward to some great cars and stories!

  2. Can your webmaster/blogboss better describe the image embedding process to everyone? It is not useful or browse-worthy to just display a bunch of "image..." URLs in square brackets. It's the 21st century...we can embed images, can't we?!? It would be great to be able to scroll through a long page full of awesome cars.

    1. Hey, Anonymous(if that's your real name)-see commenting commandments below, namely VI.

      Also, II seems as if it would apply as well...

    2. also see my note over in the Coffee Brake thread

    3. Also Commandment #2:

      "Thou Shalt Not post as anonymous unless you are posting from mobile and have technical issues."

    4. The images are broke in comments when using Opera on Android. I'm not sure if Chrome or Firefox display images correctly. I just wait until I'm on a computer to see what ya'll bunch of strange folk post in the comments.

    5. No images display in Firefox...

    6. Chrome works...

  3. Images are broken on chrome for iPhone too. Not that they ever weren't broken,

  4. I said I wanted to contribute, and I haven't had time yet. Don't hate me, I'll get around to it.

  5. I'll try, it doesn't look to busy right now.

    My toy, just finished installing an Olds 455, changed to TBI using all factory parts (except for custom chip). The URL has links to all pix, I'll try doing one below.

    There should be a pic above, but it doesn't show in preview. I think a clik on user name will go to album.


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