Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Auction Watch: 1983 Toyota HiLux SR5 Pickup

Find this 1983 Toyota HiLux SR5 Pickup here on eBay bidding for $10.800 reserve-not-met located in Hollister, CA. 


 From eBay:

Two owner, amazing original condition truck with very low miles. It's getting increasingly difficult to locate an original paint low mileage first generation Toyota 4x4 in this kind of condition. Paint has only had some very minor touch ups. A paint can came off of a truck and glanced off of the cowl/fender on passenger side and it was professionally repaired, and looks great. That happened many years ago, and minimal work was done, it was scratches only, no body work was done, only paint touch up. The remainder of the paint 90% of it is all original. This is a factory two tone paint truck in tan over mason red. If you're not familiar with how these paint jobs were done, they paint the entire truck mason red first, and then paint the tan over the top of it essentially painting the truck twice. This is a one year only paint scheme, and it's in amazing original condition with only minor dents, dings, and scratches. The truck shows extremely well, and people really just stare at it in wonderment. This has always been a dry Southern California truck, it has absolutely NO rust on it, and it still retains the original blue California license plates. The trucks has been garaged always since new, and when it's elderly owner died about 4 years ago, it was kept garaged, and driven extremely rarely. His wife finally decided to let it go after many adventures, it was a tough sell for her. Also as a side note, the truck was towed behind an RV  many times, and it's estimated that it's only been driven 65,000 to 70,000 miles. Because the odometer continues to log miles while it was being towed the odometer shows the 87k plus miles, still very low. The tow bar is included with the sale, it's just not pictured, it mounts to what the winch is mounted on with two bolts. It will come in the bed of the truck.

     Mechanically the truck is perfect, no issues to speak of, no leaks. Truck starts, runs, stops, and drives exactly as it should. All accessories work great. It has working factory air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, sliding rear glass, power steering, bucket seats, center console, SR5 package with full instrumentation, rear tube bumper with reciever hitch, am/fm radio, and chrome package (grill/wheels). The truck is optioned very nicely as you can tell. A bed liner, Snug Top camper shell (I have the key for back glass), and 6000 pound Warn winch has been on the truck since truck was new (works well). New 235/75R15 all terrain type radials were just installed on the truck, battery is about two years old. Under the hood is very clean, and tidey. The truck needs nothing, and comes with all service records I have every record since new, including a log book telling exactly when anything and everything was done to the truck. The records are very meticulous.

     Interior design in the truck is amazing, and 100% original. It's not perfect, but fairly close. There are no cracks in the dash, drivers seat has one puncture in it that is small on inside panel passenger side lower cushion, I didn't feel it warranted removal, and replacement or repair. Carpet is in excellent shape with only minor spotting(may clean out), no tears in carpet, headliner is perfect, glass is 100% original toyota glass with no cracks. Doors open and close as new, glass goes up and down nicely. Window rubbers and seals are excellent. It's truly a time capsule of a truck, not restored like most are that look like this. Buy and drive this truck anywhere, it won't let you down. It has the legendary 22R engine, and 5 speed transmission, 4wd goes in and out smoothly, and so do the manual locking hubs. 

     Best of luck on the bidding, bid to win. Terms are $500 deposit via PayPal upon winning the auction(non refundable), balance due 100% in no longer then 5 days total, no longer then that please, terms are not flexible. Cashiers check, cash in person, or wire transfer all work fine. I definitely prefer cash. Buyer pays all shipping costs, or picks up in person at my location. Thanks for looking, be sure to look at all 24 photos. Email with questions, I'll answer promptly, leave a number if you'd like a call. Clean clear title in hand. I will not release truck or title until funds clear 100%. Good luck!


  1. Clean truck! Hope it stayed mostly dry, parts of Hollister flooded today.

  2. Such a sweet little Toyota. Surely to find an adoring new owner who should be able to enjoy this jewel for many years. So nice to see these come up for sale in an unmolested state. Although the earlier round light front ends are better looking in my eye, I would happily make room for it in my garage.


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