Thursday, January 19, 2017

A What What What? 1972 Cadillac Pirate Surf Mobile

People say I ask too many unanswerable questions.  Like, why does the sun set in the East if you are on the moon?  What really happens to a sea gull when it eats an Alka-Seltzer? Will Michael Moore have a spontaneous pulmonary embolism when Trump is sworn in as President? Is the wall Trump wants to build meant to protect the USA from Mexico, or shield Mexico from the USA? If I wanted to be a pirate surfer, what kind of custom 60s rod would I build?  Wait.  Somebody answered that last one.  Find this 1972 Cadillac Pirate Surf Mobile offered for $12,000 near Phoenix, AZ via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

I dunno.  I'm confused again.  So many questions. Will you get bugs in your mouth when you drive it?  Can you drive it if you've got a hook for a hand?  

 Why the British flag?  Do Brits even like to surf?  How does the 4-wheel steering up front work in a tight 3-point turn?  What kind of drugs do you need to take when you build something like this?

 Got a question that can only be answered by a custom car?


  1. If it ran it would be hilarious to have Jay Leno review it.

  2. I guess I would say that this is Arrrrrrr-guably a good deal. OK, sorry, I'll let myself out.....

  3. They say it's a Hurst, and yet they don't show the shifter at all...

  4. This is more Chuck Barris than George Barris.

  5. I don't like that the rear wheels don't match the front wheels. It makes it look ridiculous.

    1. Is that all that makes it look ridiculous???

  6. The ad has been deleted, does that mean it sold?!?!


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