Thursday, December 22, 2016

Why be Normale: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

It's funny how we come up with names over time to compartmentalize things.  Back when this Giulia Spider was for sale, there was the Giulia Spider and Giulia Spider Veloce.  Now (at least amongst Alfisi) you have the Veloce , Normale and Abnormale tags for the 101 series Giulias. Find this 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Normale for sale in Anacortes, WA for $17,500 via craigslist.

When the Giula Spider made its debut as the replacement for the Giulietta in 1962, you could have it as the Spider Veloce or the plain old Spider.  The Veloce was equipped with the legendary Alfa twin cam four, now enlarged to 1600cc's with twin Weber carbs and hotter cams amongst other things.  The plain Spider had a single Solex carb and milder cams.  Somewhere in the 80's the non-Veloce Spider picked up the moniker "Normale".  Modified Spiders were then given the name "Abnormale".  This Spider is a Normale, but the engine is from another Spider and is out of the car with no pictures provided.  Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but the ad has an ominous "some engine compartment damage due to previous owner modification" - otherwise known as The Dreaded Previous Owner.

This car has been off the road since 1980, but does look rather crusty and rusty from 17 years and 87,000 miles before being buried in the back of a garage for the last 36 years.

The dash appears to have been largely spared being hacked up (although there is an odd gauge below the tach that isn't original) and the original wheel looks like it is salvageable.  There is also some funky wiring hanging down, but probably wouldn't be too hard to sort.  

The car also comes with a factory Pininfarina hardtop.  I was thinking it was some sort of 60's aftermarket thing, but the seller does include a shot of its Pininfarina Torino badge on the top.  Along with the top, you get an inch of vintage dust as well.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pactific Northwest correspondent.  He's starting a pool for how long it takes for this car to be tipped to that other site...


  1. Even with it's problems, this seems a good price, given where the market is at.
    Which is quite a different thing from being a good price, but that's how tings go.

    Always wanted one. Still do. Would be tempted, if we hadn't left the US.

  2. Just a touch high for me but SO tempting. I have a freshly rebuilt 1600 correct series for this car waiting on my body shop to make some progress...this one would be a faster drop and go.


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