Friday, December 30, 2016

Fuel Truck: 1951 Ford F1 Fueler

I've said it before and I'll say it again --tippers are the lifeblood of a website like this and finding appropriate ways to reward them (you!) is tricky.  However, today we've found the best way to reward DT tipper FuelTruck -- with a fuel truck. Find this 1951 Ford F1 Fueler offered for $5,500 in SF Bay Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

It looks sad and neglected, but the seller claims it runs/drives well, so I'd slap a coat of paint and some vintage Shell Oil Corp graphics on the side.  I'm not sure why this thing appears to be a doorless convertible, but it could have been a runway airport vehicle and a local fuel delivery vehicle...I got nothin.  ANYWAY, this one is for you FuelTruck!


  1. Looks like this is a non-starter.... CL post has been deleted.

  2. If it wasn't so vintage-cool, I'd say, add a lift kit and go full Mad Max with it. With no windows or doors, it's perfect.

    How far do you think you could drive this thing if you used the big tank to fuel the truck itself. This would be an interesting experiment. I'm going to guess it holds 150-200 gallons of fuel. Assuming it gets 5 mpg when fully loaded and closer to 10 mpg when close to empty, I'll speculate you can go about 1500 miles by self-fueling. Anyone else have thoughts?

    1. Interesting theory. I imagine a well tuned diesel engine replacement or a modern fuel truck would get around 12 mpg, if it holds 200 gallons plus a 50 gallon fuel tank for the truck itself, you are looking at around 3,000 miles...not bad. You wouldn't have to stop if you were driving cross country.

  3. The perfect thing! Install a couple of booster seats, and I'd have the ideal thing to haul around the little fueltrucklets.
    Btw, as an aside, that tank on the back is deceptively large: closer to 1000 or 1200 gallons, at least. With the appropriate diesel mill underhood, refueling stops could be performed at the same time as oil-change intervals.

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