Friday, December 30, 2016

Cummins Diesel Powaaaaaaaaa: 1991 Dodge Ram 2500

Find this 1991 Dodge Ram 2500 here on eBay bidding for $6,450 reserve-not-met with with a few hours to go, located in Chicago, IL.


 From eBay Listing:
I'm relisting my 1991 Dodge Cummins W-250 Turbo-Diesel 4x4. I bought it with the intention of keeping it. However, I find that I don't drive it more than once or twice a month. It just sits there, begging to be worked. So, I decided to see if someone else might be able to put it to better use. Here's the history. It was purchased new by a farmers supply outfit in Wisconsin (I have the original bill of sale). It was used in the yard to transfer/deliver equipment. They pulled regular maintenance on it until sometime in 2009, when it was taken out of service. In 2011, they auctioned off retired fleet vehicles to employees and the general public. An employee, familiar with the history of this truck, won the bid. After removing the plow, controller unit and mounting bracket, he sold the truck to me. The electric brake controller and trailer wiring are still intact. In the following two years, I went through everything, from front to back, top to bottom. It has not been a frame off restoration, but everything in need of attention has been addressed. Mechanically, the truck operates just as it should. No overheating, smoking, noises or leaking. This beautiful example has not been tweaked, tuned or altered in any way from its original condition. Automatic transmission pulls strong. Four wheel drive engages with no problems after manually locking the front hubs. It comes with a KN air filter. Here is a partial list of what I've done (receipts included with sale):
- Transfer case to transmission adaptor
- Replace transmission cooler and lines; flush, clean and condition cooler lines and torque converter 
- Coolant reverse back flush/flush engine block, heater core and radiator pressure test; readings within normal range
- Replace coolant hoses
- Fuel tank strap replacement
- Replace front brakes to one ton; new rotors and pads, adjust calipers, bleed lines and repack all wheel bearings, grease seals
- Replace brake lines and flush system
- Heavy duty oil filter and lube

- Gas gauge has been repaired
Then, we went to the body and fender shop. The wheel wells, front quarters and floor pans were replaced/repaired. The bed was shot. So, I found a new (old stock) takeoff bed in the same color as the original. I stripped out the interior cloth headliner to bare metal. 
I added miscellaneous oem parts here and there: front and rear bumper, original grill (slight crack, barely noticeable), side view mirrors, heavy duty battery, etc. Next, I found a nice set of 16" Alcoa wheels. Michelin tires have a lot of tread. But, they're old and need to be replaced. I'm probably leaving out a lot of detail. But, I hope you get the picture. This is a well done restoration, but it's not perfect. The interior is a little rough, but very presentable. I painted the entire truck (BMW) Imola Red. However, they only applied one coat of spray on bed liner. So, it will need at least another coat or two. Also, I'd replace the pins in the doors; common problem on these old Dodges. Seat bolster on driver's side needs to be reupholstered or just cover the whole bench. The emergency brake cable needs to be replaced and the ABS light is on. I will respond to any questions as honestly and quickly as I can. Oh, I almost forgot, the odometer stopped working at 121xxx. All other gauges work. Whoever buys this beautiful, UNMOLESTED workhorse will not be disappointed. I also have a working Mars light bar that I removed when I did the body work. It will be included with the sale. This vehicle is also for sale locally. So, auction may close early due to sale. Please don't ask my bottom dollar price. Bid with confidence. Thanks for looking!
FYI: I misplaced my Title in 2013 and had to get a duplicate/corrected Title issued.


  1. Nice trucks, I always liked the look. Wish they came in a short bed 4x4 diesel. Be prepared to eat expensive tires, replace transmissions frequently, and have beyond terrible braking ability. But it's worth it in the end if you actually use it for what it was built for.

  2. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe these are fuel injected but not computer controlled? A friend of my just recently told me about these engines. I guess they are being used in custom 4x4 builds to make awesome torque. Same friend is using a drivetrain to power a old 1960 quad-cab ram.

    1. You are correct, These are not computer controlled, they have a manual injection pump...if it fails the engine runaway is frighteningly amazing to see. Less technology, less things out go wrong. They get surprising good fuel economy as well.


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