Monday, November 7, 2016

What Am I? Knobby

It is Monday morning, which means another episode of DT's weekly What Am I? challenge, the game where car people on the internet figure out make/model/year of cars from only a few pixels.  The speed with which some of these are solved is really incredible.

What am I? Comments below.


  1. Amphicar...what else would need so many knobs.

    1. How do you people do it? Well done! It is an Amphicar.

    2. Like the stay-puft marshmallow man, sometimes it just pops in there.

  2. sure looks like fun
    [image src="" width="500px"/]

  3. But what do they all do? Prop? Bilge pumps?

  4. Here is a partially labeled dash. The "boat" related functions are on knobs between the clock and speedometer. Not sure about the 3 or 4 under the dash on the left.

    1. Here's a much too small version from the owners manual -

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

      1 - Starboard lights
      2 - Wiper
      3 - Electric Clock
      4 - Bilge Pump Control
      5 - Speedo
      6 - Water Transmission Control Light
      7 - Inst. Cluster
      8 - Rear View
      9 - Ignition
      10 - Cigarette Lighter
      11 - Wipers
      12 - Glove box
      13 - Hand Throttle (water only)
      14 - Heater Controls (Early inspiration for the Vanagon controls)
      15 - Choke
      16 - Steering Wheel
      17 - Horn
      18 - Clutch
      19 - Foot Dimmer
      20 - Brake Pedal
      21 - Accelerator pedal
      22 - Handbrake
      23 - Light Switch
      24 - Ashtray


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