Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vermin SUV: 2001 Ford Explorer Rat Rod

Despite what owners think, Rat Rodding isn't anything new.  In 1972, Rod & Custom Magazine dedicated a whole issue to the "beater," aka the low-budget alternative to slick customized cars. Few Rat Rods of today fit into that category as many are highly customized and labor intensive works of art. Look hard enough though, and you can still find home grown examples of acquired taste.  Find this 2001 Ford Explorer Rat Rod for sale in Nanaimo, BC Canada for $3,500 CDN via Kijiji.

Technically not a Rat Rod, someone here decided to graft 1953 F100 parts onto a 2001 Ford Explorer donor. Overall, the idea does not seem like a bad one...but it does beg the question "why"?? Mounting a tilting front clip from the '53 F100 onto a newer SUV would have been a challenge in itself.  Adding the rear step-side flares was another feat of heroics.

Obviously the pictures were taken at different stages of the project.  It isn't clear if the added intake snorkels are actually functional or tack-welded to the hood. The patina effect is lost with the white paint and I am not really sure how the builder was planning to deal with that glaring detail.

Ingenuity isn't the first thing that comes to mind here, but the effort put in to date is surely a testament to the builder's determination. Continuing with mods could produce something reasonable; the basic bones seem to be in place. An experienced custom car builder might see a diamond in the rough here.

What you say?  Good idea, bad execution?  Unsung visionary?  Too many wobbly pops and late Friday nights?

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  1. I am offended yet somehow I cannot look away....

  2. Lamont! You big Dummy! You made the truck look uglier than Aunt Esther!

    1. I was just thinking about Sanford and Son....best comment of the month!

    2. This is the big one, Elizabeth, I'm coming to join you, honey!

  3. Man, changing the LR wheel must be a bitch.

  4. Somehow I think it would've been easier to create a custom SUV body using a few F100 cabs, then set the whole thing down on an Explorer chassis. Looks like that's what the builder had in mind originally, but project scope can meander...distractions can... hey look! A bird!

  5. actually very clever

  6. Sometimes how something is presented can make a huge difference.
    If this was primered all black, the exhaust was turned out before the rear wheel, wider painted steel wheels, and the mirrors were replaced by chrome rat rod pieces I think it could sell.
    Heck maybe even shoot it a few times with a .45, it couldn't hurt

  7. Ahh, those drunkin....errr...clever Canadians! I too have a haed time looking away! To bring $3500 I thinks Sean nailed the best marketing strategy.

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  9. Interesting,I own a 2001 ford explorer and a 1956 f600 the curvature of the doors on both vehicles are almost the same (he must have had a keen eye to pick that up)Maybe the exhaust tips are removable thats how you take the rear wheels off if you have to.Take what you got make what you want...$300.oo dollars worth of scrap from a swap meet and old explorer with a 5.0 and 4speed automatic...$1000.00 total cost $1300.00 have a ton of fun and then sell for $3500.oo when your ready for something else put$2200.00 in your pocket...genius.

  10. Oh my goodness my dad built this we called it his duck truck.!
    He loves mickey mousing things together.
    Drove it around for quite awhile too.


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