Friday, November 11, 2016

Rocket Powered: 1980 Jaguar XJS 455 V8

The DT commentariate seemed to agree that yesterday's domestic V8 powered Jaguar (pronounced Jag-U-are) was awesome (per Kaibeezy "I say, hold my claret and WATCH THIS!!!") but the asking price north of twenty large isn't going to produce many smiles.  Get ready to pass the Bud Light because this next V8 powered Jag-u-ar is properly cheap.  Find this 1980 Jaguar XJS 455 V8 offered for $4,500 near Baltimore, MD via craigslist.

The original XJ-S coupe was launched in 1975 as a replacement to the beautiful but aging E-Type and while it doesn't tug on your heartstrings like the E-Type, it does do a decent job of being a fast cat that looks good.

Gone is the expensive to repair (but glorious sounding) V12 and in its place is an Oldsmobile 455 Rocket V8 from some kind of 70s cruiser that could produce anything from 275 to 400 horsepower (SAE gross) depending on application and current state of awesomeness. 

See a better Jag for doing burnouts?


  1. I have started looking at other places besides CL and Da'bay for cars.
    Here is a Gem of a XJS being sold on Grassroots for $3,200.
    5.7 xjs

    Another site I look at is Racing Junk. It seems like on sites like these cars are being sold by car guys to other car guys. Less BS, less inflation.
    Anyone else look at alternative sites for their car fix?
    I actually looked through an Autotrader and Recycler the other day. It has been years. There was good stuff!
    I also find specific forums for the type or car one is looking for works as well.

    1. If you can't get onto the Grassroots website its because their server is temporarily down. The facebook page says it should be back up soon.

  2. I agree and I found some of the best parts for my jaguar xjs project on


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