Monday, November 7, 2016

Rest In Pieces: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon

"I have over $15,000 invested. Asking $7500." -- there is no better money spent on any car than the previous owner's money and this next vehicle comes in at a claimed 50 cents on the dollar.  Unfortunately you will need to put the car back together like a giant set of real life Legos.  Find this 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Wagon offered for $7,500 in Sanibel, FL via craigslist.  Tip from Dascpcu.  

There are project cars and then there are projected to take 12 months to finish cars...and this is squarely in the latter group, although most of the hard work has already been done.  The small block Chevy V8 has been fully rebuilt and souped up to leave trails of crying widows and babies wherever you go.

The rest of the vehicle has been stripped down to bare metal -- just read the seller's description:

All new sound deadening and heat blankets
Aftermarket Cruise Control
A/C converted to R134
Aftermarket AM/FM stereo head - retro style. Pushes about 800 watts.
Factory Chevrolet tilt steering column with original vintage steering wheel. Excellent condition.
Steering box upgraded to Jeep Grand Cherokee steering box. Includes all new lines to complete conversion.
New shocks, springs, bushing, tie rods, sway bars, etc
New Aluminum Radiator

See another car that needs some assembly?


  1. This is really a great way to start a project. There is nothing better than bolting on new parts to a fresh powder coated frame. Paint and body will just kill you budget and most the time your will with the amount of time it takes.

    These cars couldn't be more simple to work on. Someone will make this a perfect winter project.

  2. Wow, this is definitely the best "project" car I've ever seen.

    I'm imaging that finishing this is a little like putting together a model car at this point, just without a numbered set of instructions.

  3. Even seems like a really fair price too, if all the work has been done correctly (enough). Wrong coast for me though!


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