Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pedigree Stallion: 1986 Mustang SVO

Ford has produced a LOT of Mustangs.  Were talkin' like 9M+ units since inception in 1964.  There's nothing rare about a Mustang, you see them everywhere, every day.  Agreed, there are some models that are more desirable than others, but there are a lot of fakes out there as well.  To the average Joe, the visual difference between a basic 1969 Sport Roof and a Boss 302 is...well frankly just the decals.  For something a little more unique and unlikely to be faked, there is the SVO.  Find this 1986 Mustang SVO for sale in Atlanta, GA for $12,750 via craigslist.

In the wake of the 70's oil crisis the American Muscle Car was technically dead.  By the early 80's things were turning around slightly and performance was once again igniting neurons at car manufacturers.  In 1981 Ford created a new division called the Specialty Vehicle Operations Department (SVO) to incorporate their racing division with limited edition high performance vehicles for the street.  The first product publicly available for purchase from this new division was the Mustang SVO.

Built in limited quantities from 1984-86, the SVO Mustang was a severe departure from your run-of-the-mill pony car.  The 1984 version sported 175 HP from a turbocharged 4-cyl engine, matching the output of the V8 GT Mustang but with a much lighter payload.  By 1986, output had grown to 200 HP, a tall order for most any 4-cyl at the time.  The SVO model benefited from enhanced suspension, steering geometry, 4 wheel discs, and cosmetic changes to ensure there was no mistaking this model for grandma's lowly Ghia.

Viewed as somewhat of an odd duck at the time, these cars have now become Unicorn like.  The 80's saw buyers frothing at the mouth for big heavy pig-iron V8's anxious to eek out a few rubber patches at the local donut shop.  As advanced as the SVO was for it's time, it was too far ahead of the buying public.  After a scant 9844 units were produced for world-wide consumption over 3 years, Ford bent under pressure and refocused their efforts on the V8 version to extract cash from sloppy wallets. 

This example is almost time-capsule like, and the condition in the pictures could support the low mileage claim.  Many a SVO Mustang was hacked and tuned for maximum impact.  Finding a nice clean low-mileage last production year version is getting much harder to find.  The asking price seems slightly high but the seller does disclose some flexibility on the price.  With the leather interior option, this example seems well stacked.

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  1. Speaking of non-V8 mustangs, I like this one very much.
    lil' pony
    I like that it has functional modifications, is not expensive, and is not a typical v8 car.
    Looked into how much a supercharger would be but it would add the expensive of just buying a much faster mustang.


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