Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mid Week Match-Up: Real Estate Machine For Laura

Being a Real Estate agent in the Southern California area has its pluses and minuses.  On the plus side, houses cost a small fortune, so your commission on the average 2-bedroom bungalow is on par with selling a dozen mansions in Indiana, but everybody and his mom is an competition is fierce.  How, then, do you differentiate yourself so that you get the prime clientele and avoid the riff-raff?  Simple, you make sure that you have the baddest mobile office in your area and the buyers will come.  With that in mind, this week's mid week match-up is for Laura who needs something Real Estatey for less than $15k.

Sure, you could drop a small fortune on some overpriced late model luxury SUV...but then you wouldn't be driving this 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe that here on eBay for $8,800 that is decked out to look like a plainclothes cop car.  Any good agent will tell you that buying/selling houses sometimes means you need to bend the law a little bit -- maybe hop a fence or two and what better way to do it than when driving this thing and wearing a blue windbreaker and one of those coiled ear pieces.  Leave your laptop plugged in and hardwired to the front seat, drive like a boss, and you'll never have to yield to another car.

What do you recommend for the Real Estate agent who needs an SUV on a budget? Comments below.


  1. If you want an SUV that really turns heads, this will definitely accomplish that.

    Willys Overland surf wagon!

    [image src="" width="400px"/]

    If your clientele prefers shiny paint, this may be a better choice.

    1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Wagon with 455 power

  2. You want special?

    1937 Buick Special
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  3. Matt & Zach, while I love your choices, I don't believe they'll suffice for Laura's intentions.

    Nice try, though.

    I'd have a voice here if I could contribute a good'un...

  4. How quickly they forget:

  5. Range Rover HSE?


    CTS Wagon.

  7. I think Zach wins with the Range Rover, very SoCal Real Estatey!


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