Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blocked At Work: 1972 Jaguar XJ6

My 7 year old daughter saw a picture of this next car on my computer screen and asked me a few questions.  What kind of car is that Daddy?  It is a Jaguar...with a Chevy V8.  Oh, why is it on those pieces of wood? is kinda broken.  Ok, so are you going to buy it?  Find this 1972 Jaguar XJ6 offered for $1000 near Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

The series 1 Jaguar XJ was released in 1968 with the blessing of Jaguar's founder Sir William Lyons who is quoted as calling the XJ "the finest Jaguar ever made."  Today's example isn't something that a Jaguar purist or concours judge will enjoy...BUT, it certainly gets this VA born car lover smiling.

See another cheap project Jaguate?


  1. What else does one spy?
    A Buick GS, 944 with a custom bumper cover, a Taco, a GMC van, a f150 and a solara.
    Did I get them right?

  2. Looks like a very rare air-cooled GM 350. C'mon, what could go wrong? I mean, once you figure out how to get it down from those wheel stands, most of the hard stuff will have been done. I think you owe your daughter an answer to her question "Are you gonna buy it?".

  3. "has been 350 swapped it runs good" Runs good... when it was in the Camaro?


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