Wednesday, October 12, 2016

V10 Quattro: 2007 Audi S8

Got $20k burning a hole in your pocket? You could go buy a new Honda Civic or few year old used Ford Mustang -- but what if you want a car with a six figure street presence, a Lamborghini V10, and an annual maintenance budget greater than a Vegas casino?  Find this 2007 Audi S8 here on eBay offered for $21,000 buy it now or make-offer, located in Milwaukie, OR.

Are you insane?  Can you imagine how much this will cost you in maintenance?  Now, hang on a just a second turbo...first, this car doesn't have any turbos, so there's that...but also, with only 89k miles on the odometer and a fast internet connection, this car won't be that bad.  You see, back in the day, if you owned some fancy-pants luxury sedan (like a Maserati Quattroporte) and something went boom, you took it to the dealer or some hairy knuckled independent mechanic who drives new (leased) cars for some unquantifiable reason.  However, today you can quickly determine if that clacking sound you here under the hood is a valve lifter, loose hood ornament, or rattlesnake via a multitude of enthusiast forums populated with 12 year olds experts in your particular make/model/trim/color/smell of automobile.

Thar she blows!  The giant hunk of Aluminum under the hood is a 5.2 liter V10 that borrows many of its components and architecture from the 5.0 V10 in the Lamborghini Gallardo.  All 444 horsepower are routed to all 4 corners via a 6-speed tiptronic automatic and a Torsen center differential.  Compared to the Gallardo, the exhaust note is subdued, but it still sounds like a million bucks.

See a better way to drive a blazing fast sedan that nobody notices, except your mechanic?


  1. Definitely worth buying.....from carmax with full warranty.

  2. I have an after-market warranty on my 2003 Audi RS6. Love the car and never have to blink at repair costs. I'd do the same for this one if I needed a replacement for my RS6.

  3. The relationship between the Lamborghini V10 and Audi V10 that is touted in every single used car listing for a V10 Audi ever written is a misnomer. The Audi engine has nothing in common with the 5.0 Lambo motor except number of cylinders and valves. The 5.2 liter Audi V10 was designed and developed by Audi, and a modified version of that motor was used in later Guillardos to replace the 5.0 that was developed before Audi took ownership of Lamborghini.

    5.0 = Lamborghini
    5.2 = Audi

    So...the S6 and S8 have Audi motors, and the later Guillardo also has an Audi motor. Not the other way around. Listings for used S6s and S8s love to brag that the cars are equipped with Lamborghini motors, but that's just plain wrong.

  4. That car is official.
    It would transform me from an aging gen-Xer who drives a older lowered BMW to a sophisticated grown man.
    It's time to grow up

  5. Get this and one of those V-10 TDI Touregs and you will get Christmas cards from mechanics for the rest of your life...

  6. Might at well set your IRA on fire. But it looks real nice.

  7. Brian beat me to it, I was thinking I could see this as a 'Doug car'... with a Bumper to Bumper warranty of course.

  8. You gotta admit, the Lambo reference draws some eyeballs. The reality of the market for these is that they've fallen to a price point where they can be boughy by the type of buyer who neither knew nor cared about the true Audi/Lambo relationship, merely satisfying themselves with the (erroneous) knowledge that their newly-acquired capital sink "has a Lambo motor in it."

    Of course, it also means that guys like us can afford the price of entry, too, so for this I'm gleeful.

  9. There's a YouTube clip where they show off one of these with open pipes driving through a tunnel. Holy cow they sound amazing.

  10. There's a YouTube clip where they show off one of these with open pipes driving through a tunnel. Holy cow they sound amazing.


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