Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tanks for a Good Time: The Silver Bullet

Most homebuilt specials have price tags that reflect sentimental value and time spent, often on something that was created in the image of one man's Robitussin-fueled dream. However, what we have here is stunning, has a great story, and is potentially an unbelievable bargain. Find the one and only Silver Bullet plus car trailer for sale in Decker Hollow, Ontario for $3,500 Canadian ($2,666 US at time of print) via Kijiji.  Tip from Bobinott

It was not unheard of to turn auxiliary fuel tanks of WW2 aircraft into salt flats racers back in the immediate post-war era. Really, it was a poor man's monocoque racer, often with crude suspension and whatever other components attached which hadn't been scrapped in the war effort. In this case, four long truck arms attach front and rear live axles to the belly of the beast, which is hopefully well supported. The fenders, though practical, should probably go in favor of nothing or something more Delage D6-3L-esque.

Power comes from a dual carbed Mini motor most likely tied to an MG Midget gearbox. Though one can dream of what this would be like with Ford Flathead power, let's be realistic about the weight capacity of a 30" wide former gasoline storage container. The twin air cleaners poking out of the engine bay look pretty killer, though.

At first glance, the gauges appear to be pirated from a late 1950's Ford sedan but I could be wrong about that. Quarters seem to be quite tight and you'll probably need to get used to smacking your elbows. Swollen joints aside, this thing looks like a hoot to drive as well as having a potentially great story. 

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Matt, a self-proclaimed bottom-feeder of the classic car market, spends half of his time buying cars, half of his time retrieving them, and the remaining third on keeping them on the road.


  1. The fenders are needed to mount the brake lights and blinkers. How else could you possibly DD this thing. I was thinking about engine trans possibilities and my head started spinning. I need to lie down now....

  2. I was thinking that ditching the fenders and installing some horizontal chrome pedestals with flip up Trafficator semaphores would be the way to go.

  3. Many states require fenders to be street legal.

  4. WooHoo, I got a submission on DT (actually not my first, but always a thrill)! I like this Silver Bullet as much as I loved this from "that other site":

    Unlike the postal special, I figure this Silver Bullet was once used on the street, and could be again. Where can I get one of those old leather aviation helmets, with the multi-pane goggles?

    Heck, the trailer is worth half of the asking price.....


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