Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mid Week Match-Up: Best Car

This week, I've got a strange request for the Mid Week Match-Up -- just find the best car you can find for less than $20k.  No requirements other than a few seats, some wheels, and an engine. Go.



    Lotus 2-Eleven basket case for $10k OBO. This could easily be imported and completed for under $20k.

    Street registration would be another story however.

  2. If you have ever read Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance the father gets hung up on the definition of quality through the whole book.
    Best........hummmm Best
    Best Beast Everrrr

    1. LOL....I have. If you liked that book Sean, an interesting modern day parallel is a book called "Shop Class as Soulcraft". More philosophy for gearheads.

  3. It's been said before, but maybe a C5 Corvette Z06?

  4. Please...more more more.
    My contribution will be conspicuously sarcasm-free and the straightest of plays: 996. All day under 20 large, even allowing for the IMS; which, by the way, you should get the oil fed solution. I'm right now having an absolute blast tinkiering with this car and haven't even raised an eyebrow at the balance sheet yet.

    As an aside, I'm seriously pondering whether I should keep it mostly stock or if I should use it as the prototype for the nascent (and probably never to be popularized) water cooled outlaw movement. Hear me out: I'm thinking a respray in Mexico Blue, bilstein coil overs and black Fuchs repros, no wheel spacers for a tucked stance, a ducktail rear hatch in gloss black, narrow side mirrors in gloss black, delete the fuel filler door and fill the holes, black and white houndstooth seat inserts, litronic headlamps with yellow fog bulbs...I'll name it "Ransom" and park it between two longhoods at the next Palm Beach cars and coffee. Or leave it stock. Hmmm...

  5. "Best" you say? I'm going to come out of left field and go away from best as a descriptor of driving dynamics, or speed, and define it from a quality standpoint (thanks for teeing it up Sean). I'm convinced that the 1990-1993 Honda Accord was the absolute pinnacle of Japanese Engineering meeting Japanese build quality. If this car could meet modern safety and emissions standards, they would sell every one they could make.

    Plus, at this price, it leaves you $17k to find a fun car too.

    1. Had one. Was of such high quality :)
      Did not cost me a cent besides the oil changes. Really a great car.
      It reminds me of how the w140 is so much butter built than the w220. I don't know if it is economy driven
      of just off year.

  6. You could get two of these (his and hers?) and have change...


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