Saturday, October 8, 2016

Medium Well: 1959 Volvo Pickup 445

For the most part, pickup trucks that dot the landscape of this great nation are used for basic people hauling.  But the unfortunately truth is that you can do 99.99% of the things that people use their pickups with a large car or SUV...but occasionally, you have to haul something that needs a pickup.  Like a 5th wheel trailer.  Or a pile of festering bat guano.  Or a Kalashnikov armed militia. But here is the strange part...the most awesome pickup truck for sale on eBay right now, is totally worthless for any of those things...but is still as rad as Tony Hawk doing a 900 through a flaming ring while playing lead guitar for Guns N' Roses.  Find this 1959 Volvo Pickup 445 here on eBay offered for $23,995 or make-offer located in Concord, NC.

This thing started life as a Volvo PV445 Duett wagon, but it was conversed when new by AB Skab of Sweden into a stake-bed pickup.  The car was restored in 2007 and looks much nicer than the average custom El Caminoized Volvo wagon that was hacked together in a weekend that involved 3 drums of MIG wire and a keg of Ahlafors Bryggerier's K├ątisbock.

Under the hood is a Volvo B18 inline-4 that is mated to a 4-speed gearbox that is shifted with the world's longest shift lever.  Getting into 4th gear is going to involve some groping of your passenger...not that there's anything wrong with that.

See a stranger classic pickup that is ready for the car show circuit?


  1. This looks like a long bed Epa Tractor / A-Traktor from Sweden. Google it when you're bored.


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