Saturday, October 8, 2016

GT Faux-rty: 1965 Fiberfab Avenger GT-15

Forgive me for assuming this but the GT40 is beyond the reach of all of us. But perhaps there's a way to get in something around 40" tall with a V8 behind the seats for less than, say, a million.  Find this 1965 Fiberfab Avenger GT for sale in Los Angeles, CA for $2,000 via craigslist.

Fiberfab had a dizzying array of chopped glass and epoxy in the late 1960's with several models all heavily inspired by the recent LeMans dominator. The GT-15 was the top trim of the Avenger which slotted just below the Valkyrie. Confusing, yes, but the GT-15 version used Corvair front and rear suspension bits with a tube frame tying it all together. This model could accept a V8 if you really wanted to ensure death, however, this model comes with a more conventional Corvair flat six.

No doubt, this is no small project. The first thing that needs to be done after it's on the road is correcting the square lazy eyes with some circular sealed beam lights and perspex headlight covers. After all, some artistic license is allowed when dealing with fiberglass of any kind.

Despite the unknown condition of the driveline and interior - we can assume really terrible - the body style is really attractive. Perhaps a few weekends of learning how to lay a gel coat could yield some dividends. Then later on you can spend your time researching Siano Corvair conversions and craigslisting up all the Weber IDF's and 327 small block parts you can find.

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  1. Guy has an interesting yard car collection.

  2. I always wanted one of these, they are absolutely gorgeous. Lucky thing for me is that it is too far away from me to attempt going to pick it up (I must be getting older?) :-( I think it needs a really nice paint job after clean up and the motivation will be there o fix it. Love the wheels!


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