Sunday, October 16, 2016

Family truckster- 1990 Ford Country Squire Wagon

Nothing exudes class more than simulated wood grain down the side of a 216" long car.  The introduction of 1984 Chrysler Minivans took out the breed of full sized American made wagons like an asteroid hit did to the dinosaurs.  The panther based Ford Country Squire wagon had its final curtain call in 1990.  Ford only found 6419 buyers this year, making this a pretty rare car. Find this 1990 Ford Country Squire for sale in Stamford, CT for $1200 via craigslist.

The Country Squire had a updated updated dash and drivers air bag for the 1990 model year.  The chocolatey brown colored leather interior certainly appeals to the sensibilities of the Brown Car Appreciation Society who's motto is "brown wears the crown." 

The car is said to have low mileage (though the actual miles are not listed), cold AC, lots of new extra parts, and even a spare engine is thrown in with the sale.  The Country Squire comes stock with the same basic 5.0 302 V8 that was found in the Fox bodied Mustang.  The seller doesn't mention why they have a spare motor.  However, it does provide a golden opportunity to scour the Mustang part classifieds and build up a more potent engine.

The third row outboard seats received three point belts in this final year.  A chrome roof rack is present for all of your luggage or Christmas tree hauling needs.

See a car with more convincing fake wood? email

Cory is very close to finishing his 1995 Mercedes E36 project and is already starting in a 1991 Mercedes E36 coupe


  1. Who do I know near Stamford? This would make a fun cruiser for the dogs and me.

  2. Cat in top picture thinks: "dang a Ford Country Squire Wagon crossed my path, is that bad luck?"

  3. Who do I know near Stamford? This would make a fun cruiser for the dogs and me.

  4. I thought you were making up the Brown Car Society and motto...until I clicked the link. I was thinking 'this is ridiculous' then as I scrolled more I was thinking 'some of these look really good!'.


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