Friday, October 21, 2016

Bicentennial Beauty: 1976 Dodge Dart

Like 70's trucks, Volvo 240's, and W123's, the Dart/Valiant still possess a ton of utility. Therefore, there are still heaps of them around actually providing transportation to people. Though they are of the most usable of classics, they often aren't seen as scarce and temperamental enough to be desirable.  Find this 1976 Dodge Dart for sale in Charleston, SC for $3,500 via craigslist.

The Carolina blue is a welcome change to the usual metallic avocado-left-uncovered hue that most of these were sprayed with. The quality of the body would lend credibility to the claim of 66,000 original miles, which isn't unreasonable for motor coaches purchased primarily for transportation to the pharmacy and group Matlock viewing parties.

The interior looks pretty minty save for that bit of masking tape peeking out from the seat. Semi-reflective embroidered vinyl doily fabric is tough to come by so you may either have to live with it or throw a Mexican picnic blanket over it.

These cars really only needed two pieces of information to be relayed to the driver; a dial indicating speed and a light explaining whether you've slung a rod or not. The temperature, charge, and oil pressure were way overkill for an audience that just did not care what was happening outside of the passenger compartment.

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  1. Always loved the Valiant/Dart. I prefer the older generation, though. One of these days I'll find one, has to have A/C, though.

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  3. [image src=""400px"/]
    Did you say sling a rod?


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